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While we do our best to ensure the accuracy of our listings, some venues may be currently temporarily closed without notice. Please confirm status on the venue website before making any plans.

Best Hidden Gems in Albuquerque

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If your idea of fun is bailing out of a perfectly good airplane while in straight and level flight, this group of avid enthusiasts has been making sky diving possible in the Albuquerque area for twenty years. Instruction and first-time dives are available most weekends and at reasonable rates. For a first time jumper, the prices are pretty affordable. All jump fees include equipment rental. There is a one time fee for a month's membership to jump. Skydiving hours start at 8a on Saturdays and Sundays.

Watch as NMSL&RHS volunteers restore the impressive Baldwin 4-8-4 Steam Locomotive, AT&SF 2926. Originally built in 1944, this colossal locomotive is on the National Register of Historic Places. Visit during open hours and learn about the rebuilding process as well as take a short tour. Who knows, you might just sign up to volunteer yourself.

Paseo del Bosque Trail is a sixteen mile multi-purpose paved trail located inside the Rio Grande Valley State Park in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was constructed in 1970s and since then it has been a hot spot for bikers. You can enjoy relaxed a day out, walking around the trail with your pet or choose to explore it on a bike. The visitors information site is located close by where you can gather all necessary information, both historical and ecological. It has been featured in the Sunset Magazine as the best trails in western US!

Located near the North Valley, the Elena Gallegos Picnic Area sets out fine example of outdoor activities and sports which are been volunteered by the community. This area is highly popular among locals especially youngsters for the adventure sports options it offers.

Located in Sandia Park, Tinkertown is a quirky museum that is home to a slew of oddball and exciting sights and activities. A creation of carver and painter, Ross Ward, Tinkertown Museum houses a fortune teller, circus performers, caricatures and a huge vintage sailboat, among other delightful sights. The design of the museum is also unique, with its structures being made out of a series of bottles. Housing an eclectic mix of weird and whimsical objects and sights, a day at Tinkertown is sure to be exceedingly fun-filled.

Explore three floors of exhibits to learn more about the telephone then you ever thought was possible at the Telephone Museum of New Mexico. Walk through the exhibits and see items from Alexander Graham Bell's workshop, photographs, switchboards, hundreds of different types of telephones, and more. Find out about unsung heroes like Susan Parks, a switchboard operator was able to inform the U.S.A. army about the attack by Pancho Villa during the actual attack. Her switchboard is on display, and you can even see bullet holes. Children will love the Learning Center with its hands-on displays and make sure you stop by the gift shop before you leave.

Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city with a visit to McDuffie Park. Through it can be tough to find (and even find the entrance to), once inside it is the perfect place to take a walk, ride a bike, or even take a quick nap. Many locals also enjoy a picnic lunch here on sunny afternoons.

This beautiful park was named "Bataan Memorial Park " in 1943 after the 200th and 515th Coast Artillery (AA) Regiments that fought in WWII. In 2002, a walkway with granite pillars carved with veterans names was also added to the park. Today, the park remains a fitting tribute to the soldiers as well as a relaxing park with plenty of trees and wide grassy fields. This is the perfect spot for a picnic, as well as the ideal spot to remember those who served America.

Northrup Hall at the University of New Mexico is better known as the Earth and Planetary Sciences Building. For years, this branch of the university has dedicated itself to researching and teaching about space and its wonders. On the first floor, a wonderful little museum documents the discovery of meteorites that have been found worldwide. The brochure provided for each visitor explains each specimen that is on display, and someone is always available to answer any questions you may have. There is no admission fee.

This fenced dog park is the perfect place to take your dog off leash and let him play. Take a seat on one of the benches or picnic tables and watch as the dogs run around. With a mixture of trees and lawns, there's plenty of shade as well as space to explore. Whether you have the large park just for yourselves or other dogs are frolicking around, this is the perfect spot to bring your animal friend.

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