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Best Shops for Women in Basel

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Tonja is a fashion boutique owned by Tonja Dimov. It was opened to be a women’s clothing store but gradually, it introduced accessories and other products. Some of the brands found here include Guess, Repeat, DTLM, Seventh Sense and Marco Polo. Its exquisite jewelry designs, are sure to make you pick more than one. The store maintains only high quality products that are going to suit your needs.

SET&SEKT is a clothing and accessory store founded in the year 2007. It has a careful selection of the best products by well-known fashion designers. All its products are of high-quality that guarantees durability. The ambiance of the store is stylish that gives you a modern and a classy feel. So whether it is jewelry, leather goods, books, magazines, formal wear or informal wear, they have it all.

Erfolg realized a long time ago that what really appeals to the fashion conscious is labels. The trendy shirts, underwear, tops and other clothes that are sold here, have become a favorite with the city's in-crowd. You can choose the color of the underwear that you like and prints of your choice are then added to it. There is a range of motifs to choose from such as fire, hearts, angels, televisions, a stag (!) and other weird and wonderful creations. If you prefer uni-colored underwear then you can't go wrong here either. All that will reveal where you bought it is the 'Erfolg's' logo. You can also buy the 'Freitag' labels sought after bags here.

If you thought all buttons were more or less the same then you obviously haven't been to Roosens, where you can buy them in all shapes and sizes. Buttons have never been so well-represented and customers are often at a loss about which to choose; not surprising when there are small roses made of wire, intricate porcelain buttons with Chinese faces on them, buttons in the shapes of wolves' or lions' heads, animals and flowers made of glass. All of the buttons are kept in drawers and children in particular love discovering what there is to buy. Roosens' collection could well be never-ending and the shop loves finding new buttons. The display cases in the entrance are like those in a museum and customers can even purchase a small book documenting the history of buttons and how they have been made.

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