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Best Secondhand Shops in Brisbane

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Can you keep a secret is a unique spot that is both a vintage shop and a lounge bar. It has a lovely ambiance and unique environment that has made it one of the most interesting spots to visit in the city. Locals and tourists both flock to visit this store to savor some delicious drinks and food while perusing through their shelves. Find charming curios, vintage apparel and bric-a-brac, among other things.

Rockaway Records is the music collector's Holy Grail. Besides the the latest releases on CD, DVD and LP, it opens the door to a comprehensive world of memorabilia for the curious and the serious collectors alike. Its extensive overseas mail order operation offers hitherto unheard of imports often gracing the shelves. If it is a 1995-access pass for the Babes in Toy-land tour, or an original tape version of that old Beach Boys' favorite, this is the hunting ground for you. Even if not, call in anyway, who knows what you might find.

This bookshop has to be seen to be believed. Housed in two huge inner-city buildings, Archives is home to over one million antiquarian, collector and specialist books. What is even better is they only stock top quality books--no trashy book exchange stuff here. All sales assistants are extremely well read and possess the uncanny knack of being able to direct you to the exact book, on the exact shelf without having to leave the front counter to show you! Fine books are bought and traded without hesitation, and book searches and mail orders are no problem.

Hobohemia is a store that specializes in all things antique and vintage. In their store you will a number of delightfully quirky items such as feathered hats, floral hats, farmyard accessories, vintage frocks, Art Deco items more. The store was opened on 29th June 2011 and has garnered a dedicated following since then. The store is situated within Paddington Antique Centre on Latrobe Terrace in Brisbane and operates Thursdays to Sundays from 10a to 5p.

Anne’s Second Hand Shop has been in business for more than two decades. It is located on Oxford Street in the suburb of Bulimba. The store is family run, lending it a charming vibe that can only come from an independent store. It specializes in fine china, vintage collectibles, ornate knick knacks and second hand books. Walking through the store is quite an experience as you can never be sure of what you may find. The store is known for its high quality of service and its welcoming ambiance.

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