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Best Desserts in Brussels

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As you enter this little tea room, the aroma of oven fresh buns, cookies and breads will engulf your senses. With a cozy ambiance, A.M. Sweet Tea Room will surprise you in more ways than one. Candies, chocolates, cakes and butter cookies are highly recommended by regulars. Drop by on a beautiful summer afternoon and savor the delights that this wonderful place has to offer.

Maison J. Dandoy has one of the most famous display windows in Brussels, and they always tempt you with something sweet. Dandoy has been around since 1829 and sells local specialties, chocolate and more, serving as an authentic shop in a touristic environment. Looking at the window or eating their wares will make much more of an impression than describing them: spiced biscuits, pain à la grecque, currant bread, cinnamon bread, marzipan, ice-cream and sorbets, among other things.

For a few years now, this has been the hang-out of the local hip crowd. In this exquisite brasserie where the décor leans toward distinct accents from the seventies, Belgian culinary specialties are prepared according to traditional recipes. While you're enjoying the wonderful dishes you can also enjoy the great modern art on the walls like the original works by Alechinsky. The is is not only a hip place, but also a great restaurant.

Jat' Café offers a range of delicious and refreshing coffees, smoothies, and juices that are sure to keep you coming back. Located on Rue de Namur, just a few steps away from the Royal Palace of Brussels. They have a nice little patio arrangement that overlooks an interesting and busy scene downtown. Top picks here include caramel milkshake, latte macchiato and cappuccino, to name a few. Apart from these stellar beverages, Jat' Café also serves a small selection of snacks and bites, which includes soups, salads, sandwiches, cakes, bagels, pastries and other baked goodies.

If you're looking to enjoy a great meal of meat or seafood in a classic ambiance, you will love Restaurant Vincent. The restaurant has been around since 1905, and the interior is decorated with huge, colorful murals and mosaics. You enter the restaurant through the kitchen, so you get to experience the sights and smells of all the food being prepared to hype you up for your meal. The menu features perfectly prepared steaks alongside traditional Belgian favorites like moules frites, and even some game dishes like rabbit or deer, depending on when you go. Make sure to leave room for desserts like Grand Marneir souffles and ice cream.

Strategically located near Avenue Louise, this charming tea room, is a nice spot for a quick bite and a sip of a refreshing beverage. La Crèmerie de la Vache offers a wide variety of teas that are lovingly brewed. Nosh on tasty snacks before you start shopping or exploring the area again. The patio makes for a great vantage point from which you can observe the neighborhood.

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