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21 gluten free restaurants in 21 top US cities.

By: Cassie Raney
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The best gluten free restaurants in 21 cities across the US.

Flying Pig Bistro

A mellow, laid-back vibe greets diners at Flying Pig Bistro, a popular Mission District dig known for its gluten-free eats. Comfortably laid out sitting booths, large TV screens and local works of art adorning its walls complete a convivial setting at this neighborhood cafe. Menu features an array of organic preparations like freshly baked items, flavorful bagels, organic latte, small plates and cold sandwiches, among other toothsome delights. Flying Pig also offers 18 draft ales and local Californian wines. Free, high speed WiFi connectivity makes it a busy spot with the area's working community.

San Francisco, CA, United States
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A Zagat rated restaurant, Nishino is run by its founder Tatsu Nishino and his team of professional Japanese chefs who are extremely well-acquainted with the art of making sushi. Nishino has been serving its guests since its inception in 1995 and is particularly known for its comprehensive 7-course meals that amalgamate some of the most exquisite creations of the restaurant. If you wish to savor something truly original, order the Curried Seared Halibut Cheek or the Foie Gras and Seared Tuna from the Nishino signature section. The staff is friendly, attentive and offer recommendations to elevate your fine dining experience at the restaurant.

Seattle, WA, United States
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Treat your taste buds to a delicious Afghani meal as you dine at Nora. This restaurant is famous for serving flavorsome Afghan traditional recipes. Their Kublai Khan, Qabili Pulao, Firni are some of the famous dishes on their menu which have gained them many fans. Apart from the delicious menu, this restaurant is known for serving unique cocktails along with an extensive list of beverages. The cozy decor and warm hospitality are sure to impress you and making you want to visit this place often.

Dallas, TX, United States
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Selden Standard

Selden Standard has a very simple mission, that is to serve their guests with complete honesty and humility. The restaurant's fare is modern American, whose contents are expertly-crafted out of local ingredients, meant for every palate to savor. The dishes are served small plate-style, making them perfect for sharing. Selden Standard's menu is seasonally-driven, which increases the novelty quotient of the place. The Mushroom Ragu, Grilled Duck Breast, and the Tuna Crudo are some of the staples from the menu. The restaurant's bar is one of its main attractions is manned by a team of highly-skilled mixologists, who concoct some truly innovative elixirs.

Detroit, MI, United States
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For all those who love their leafy-greens and cannot get enough of salads, Sweetgreen is the place for you to go! Using only the freshest of locally sourced, organic ingredients, this fast-food style eatery creates fresh salads that are light, delicious and flavorful. With limited seating set in clean, simple and minimalist interiors, this is a great place to enjoy a solo meal. Try salads like the Rad Thai, the Spicy Sabzi and the Wild Child or choose your own veggies, toppings and dressings to create a unique combination.

Washington, DC, United States
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Strategically located near the Boston marathon finish line, Sweetgreen manages to create an aura of wellness. With its fresh salads crafted from locally sourced veggies and fruits, this seems to be the go-to choice for health food connoisseurs. The salad bowls offered by Sweetgreen are moderately priced and range between USD8 to USD11, but are big on quantity, making you feel absolutely sated. Besides salads, you can even sip on their daily soups and try some of their healthy Mediterranean fare such as the pita crumble and the hummus tahina. So get in line and get yourself a bowl of health at Sweetgreen's.

Boston, MA, United States
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Back To Eden

Probably the only bakery in the city to have an entirely gluten-free kitchen, Back To Eden offers a delicious array of cakes, pastries and more. Health and sustainability is high on the establishment's priority; one of the main reasons why they slowly, but surely switched to the organic lifestyle choice. This is not to say that their creations are any less delectable or satisfying. Their cakes and pastries are made using their signature gluten-free flour and offer a good choice whether you're coming in for breakfast or simply to satiate a sweet tooth. Apart from this, the bakery offers a selection of lunch hearty lunch specialties that includes delights like the Mini Quiche and Biscuits & Mushroom Gravy; favorites on the menu. There's a choice of smoothies as well to accompany your food. Ice creams are a specialty at Back To Eden and should not be missed. Choose from an extensive list of the frozen treats with a varied choice of flavors. The enormous selection of sundaes offers something for pretty much everyone. Vegan ice cream is also available.

Portland, OR, United States
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A break from the fried food, burgers and pizza near the downtown bars, Koriente offers fresh, healthy food in the heart of the Red River bar scene. Open late on weekends, the Asian-inspired restaurant has a diverse clientele, from health-conscious diners to late-night snackers. The menu features lots of fresh vegetables, noodles and spicy dishes like curries and bibambap. Snacks include summer rolls, tapioca wraps and edamame. To drink, Koriente offers an extensive tea list featuring greens, blacks, reds and herbals. Bubble tea, the chilled drink with delightfully chewy tapioca pearls suspended in it, is also available in a variety of fruit or yogurt flavors.

Austin, TX, United States
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Fat Rice

Nestled in Chicago's Logan Square, Fat Rice is a local family eatery where one can relish their meals in a modest ambiance. Rice dishes are definitely what you can expect at Fat Rice, but that's not all! Guests are offered a variety of options, ranging across pumpkin and watermelon soups, salads, noodles, steaks, bacon, tofu and much more. The recipes draw their inspiration from Chinese, Indian, Southeast Asian and Portuguese preparations, providing guests with unique flavors. This place does not take reservations, so make sure to get there well in time to avoid waiting for to be seated at a table.

Chicago, IL, United States
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Hu Kitchen

Hu Kitchen strives to prepare and serve food the way humans were meant to eat. This means you can expect alot of vegetables and fruits, and minimal (although not non-existant) meats and healthy grains. The paleo-friendly menu features dishes like lentil salad, organic Waldorf chicken salad and stuffed delicata squash, among many others. If you're into juice, make sure you try out one of their fresh ones in a variety of different flavor combinations. A stop in to Hu Kitchen will have your body well-fed for the rest of your day.

New York, NY, United States
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A16 Rockridge

A16 Rockridge brings the taste of Campania to Oakland. This industrial decor has a rustic touch to it with exposed bricks, an open kitchen, wooden beams and artworks. Taking pride in their authentically rustic menu, you can enjoy wood-fired pizzas, homemade pastas, house cured meats and fine Southern Italian wines at this establishment. Don't miss their happy hours where you can sip on their wine varietal by the glass or half-a-bottle carafe. Reservations are recommended.

Oakland, CA, United States
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