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8 Great Bagel Shops in America

By: Nathan Cranford
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Bagel Broker

If you are looking for a fix of delicious bagels that have a crispy crust and a fine texture inside, then Bagel Broker is the place to go. Immensely popular among locals, the place opens at 6a each day and serves fresh bagels to the hungry masses waiting in line. The secret of the great taste lies in the high-quality ingredients that go into the creations. Bagel Broker also caters to large parties and business gatherings. One can also opt for delivery.

Los Angeles, CA, United States
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The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel

If you love bagels then no place will be better than The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co. at the Delray Beach. The yummy bagels with cream and cheese will make your breakfast a much tastier one. They have a variety of different types of coffee to go along with it. So visit The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co to give your mornings a much needed delicious start.

Delray Beach, FL, United States
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Detroit Institute of Bagels

They take their bagels very seriously at the Detroit Institute of Bagels. Each bagel is lovingly produced with attention to detail, giving them a nice texture, and the owners admittedly treat bagel-making as a legitimate art form. One can pick from a variety of bagel flavors such as classic, sesame, poppy, cinnamon raisin and rosemary olive oil. For those who have a voracious appetite and one bagel just won't do it, pick from their bagel sandwiches.

Detroit, MI, United States
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Bialy's Bagels

Bialy's Bagels situated in the heart of University Heights is popular for its homemade, aromatic and delicious bagels which are a must try for all the foodies while in the neighborhood. Salt Bagel, Garlic Stick, Poppyseed, Sesame and Rye are some of the most popular bagels served here amongst many other varieties. This bagel shop was established in 1966 by Terry Skolnick, a former war veteran and a talented baker, and soon became an instant hit amongst the locals due to his amazing baking skills and the traditional recipe that he followed. After his retirement in 1997, the store is being managed by his daughter Ellen and her husband Mark who have done a fantastic job in maintaining the reputation of the business, as well as the quality and taste of the bagels. This is without doubt one of the best bagel places in the city.

Cleveland, OH, United States
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Wholy Bagel

Wholy Bagel situated in the busy West William Cannon Drive is a bakery bringing the authentic New York bagels to the heart of Austin. The modest dining space here is always bustling with bagel lovers from every corner of the city who come to treat themselves to the wholesome and delicious items served here. Grabbing a sandwich filled with Genoa Salami, loads of fresh lettuce, tomato and onion dressed in mayo from Wholy Bagel for breakfast will definitely help you in starting your day full of energy and enthusiasm. Blueberry, Cinnamon Raisin, Hatch Pepper and Whole Meat are some of the flavors of bagels served here that can be smeared with any cream cheeses of your choice. Top of your meal with a cup of hot Katz coffee to complement the delicious food.

Austin, TX, United States
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BB's Bagels

As soon as you enter through the glass doors of BB's Bagels, you will be welcomed by a pleasant aroma and the sight of neatly arranged fresh bagels inside glass showcases. You will get to see a small queue in front of the counter eagerly waiting for their turn to order at all times. Delicious and diverse menu comprising classic sandwiches, burgers, pancakes, omelets, burgers, wraps and salads are served at BB's Bagels at all times making it the go-to brunch destination for people living in the neighborhood. A wide range of bagel menu comprising classic a well as specialty bagels ensures that you won't be short of options to choose from. The quality and taste of bagels served here along with the exemplary service has led to BB's Bagels being voted as number one bagel place in Atlanta by USA Today.

Alpharetta, GA, United States
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Myer's Bagels

Myer's Bagels situated in the heart of Burlington is popular for the Montreal style wood-fired bagels that it has been serving since 1996. The head chef Lloyd Squires started making bagels when he was 15 under the guidance of a true master of wood-fired bagels, Myer Lefkowitz. The recipe and traditional cooking methods taught by Lefkowitz is till date followed by Lloyd Squires resulting in delicious and aromatic bagels for all. Apart from the diverse bagels menu comprising flavors like Montreal Spice, Sesame Sunflower and Cinnamon Raisin, Myer's Bagels also serve sandwiches and other delicious breakfast items which are the perfect combination of taste and health. The extraordinary taste and traditional recipes used for cooking have helped this bagel bakery in winning multiple awards by popular magazines and TV shows.

Burlington, VT, United States
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Bagel Masters

Make your own sandwich at Bagel Masters by picking the bagel bread, veggies, meat and spread of your choice and enjoy it along with a cup of piping hot coffee. The friendly staff, exemplary service and diverse food menu make it the go-to breakfast place for people living in the neighborhood. You can either sit and enjoy the meal in one of their many tables here or order the meal to go and take it with you if you are in a hurry. You can pair the amazing bagels with a wide range of spreads like Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Lox Cream Cheese and Peanut Butter amongst many others to complement its taste. Bagel Masters is the place to be if you are looking to grab a quick, healthy and delicious meal without having to shell out too much.

Shrewsbury, NJ, United States
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