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Michelin-starred Restaurants Around The World for Connoisseurs of the Indian Cuisine

By: Cityseeker
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Embark on a culinary adventure with Michelin-starred restaurants worldwide that are sure to entice connoisseurs of Indian cuisine. In New York, savor the delicate spices of South Indian fine dining, where each bite is an explosion of flavors. London's rich and impressive culinary scene offers several superior gems, each of which elevates traditional Indian dishes to remarkable artistry and showcases this first-class cuisine in a fresh light. In Singapore, indulge in top-notch Indian delicacies with a modern flair. From Dubai to Bangkok to Hong Kong, these world-class establishments redefine Indian cuisine that pleases even the most discerning palates. With a sublime marriage of precision, innovation, and exquisite flavors forming the foundation of Michelin-starred dining, indulge in an unparalleled gastronomic journey.


Located close to NYC AIDS Memorial Park at St. Vincent's Triangle, Semma is must-visit for South Indian food lovers. This restaurant is headed by Chef Vijay Kumar. The elaborate menu includes dishes like dosa, poriyal, curries, uttapam, biryanis and a lot more. High-quality meat, seafood and vegetables are used to prepare these delicious meals. The restaurant’s well-stocked bar serves a variety of beers, cocktails and wines here. The restaurant’s unique interiors are made to resemble the traditional houseboats in Kerala.

60 Greenwich Avenue, New York, NY, United States, 10011

Ever since its establishment in 2004, Amaya has been receiving praise and flattering reviews from its visitors as well as the press. The restaurant's decor boasts a blend of Indian and western styles - sandstone panels, flowers on tables and elegant glass cutlery. Experience the exciting taste of India through a wide variety of seafood and grilled vegetables from the northern and southern parts of the country. Most desserts are sugar free, so calorie conscious eaters can heave a sigh of relief.

Lowndes Street, Halkin Arcade, London, United Kingdom, SW1X 8JT

Indulge yourself to a royal treatment at Jamavar London, an upscale dining establishment inspired by the culinary art of Indian sub-continent. The restaurant was named after a celebrated winter wrap used widely in Kashmir, India. Descending from a sublime pedigree of the Jamavar, the culinary venture of the Leela Palace, and inspired by plentiful variety of flavors all across India, this fashionable eating house celebrates the rich tradition of Indian food-crafting in its signature items like Tawa Salads, Shami Kebab, Chicken Tikka, Biryani, Palak Paneer, accompanied by Raita and pickles. The restaurant’s sophisticated interior, sparkling, accented yellow lightings; royal mood and magnificent grandeur befitting the intricate embroidery of the Jamavar shawl also serve as a wedding venue, fine dining facility and social among aristocrats. Their cocktail range also oozes out drinks of Indian legacy like lassi, thandai along with botanicals, wine and beer.

8 Mount Street, Mayfair, London, United Kingdom, W1K 3NF

In the heart of Marylebone Village, Trishna's innovative blend of West Indian, gourmet seafood has been creating a stir since the doors opened in November 2008. The restaurant front opens into a contemporary, alfresco ambiance with a marble and smoked oak offset color palette created by famed designers. The menu contains unusual concoctions of coastal ingredients delightfully spiced with skill and presented with panache. Fennel gives the peppery, Dorset brown crab and Aylesbury duck a British twist, while tiger prawns with peanuts and lobster with chili oil are quintessential options if your feeling flamboyantly traditional.

15-17 Blandford Street, Marylebone Village, London, United Kingdom, W1U 3DG

Stepping into Veeraswamy is like stepping into a bygone era of old-world charm and sophistication. The restaurant's interior showcases a fusion of art deco and colonial Indian design, creating a captivating ambiance that pays homage to its heritage. Intricate woodwork, opulent furnishings, and soft lighting create an atmosphere of luxury and warmth, setting the stage for an exceptional dining experience. Opened in 1926, London's first Indian restaurant is perennially packed. The waiters are dressed to match, providing a service as superb as the food. Every morsel is divine, including the accompaniments and breads. The refined menu blends tradition with groundbreaking new Indian cuisine, incorporating regional specialties and impressively interesting vegetarian options. A well-considered wine list and refreshing after-dinner infusions such as fresh mint or lemon rind are liquid luxury.

99 Regent Street, Mezzanine Floor, Victory House, London, United Kingdom, W1B 4RS

With a menu inspired by the period of colonial India, Chef Karam Sethi gives a contemporary twist to Indian cuisine. In Indian cuisine, which is famous for tandoors and curry preparations, Gymkhana keeps the essence of the cuisine and adds British flavors to it. Offering you a wide variety of Tandoors, Chaats (Indian Street Food), and Indian breads and Chutneys to accompany them, this restaurant serves you some of the best Indian delicacies. The old-fashioned wall lamps from Jodhpur and framed sketches of Indian sports seen on the bricked wall remind you of heritage India. Gymkhana offers various Indian cocktails and has a long wine list to choose from.

42 Albemarle Street, London, United Kingdom, W1S 4JH
The Quilon

A visit to The Quilon will make you fall in love with Indian cuisine. This restaurant has won several accolades including 'The Best Indian Restaurant in UK' by The Good Curry Guide and the 'Star Diamond' by the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences. The menu features time-honored recipes, as well as those that will satisfy modern tastes. With rich interiors, a cozy bar area and exotic food to offer, this restaurant certainly deserves being listed among 'The Best Subcontinent Restaurants'. The venue also plays host to private parties.

41 Buckingham Gate, London, United Kingdom, SW1E 6AF
Benares Restaurant & Bar

Benares Restaurant & Bar is a prestigious Michelin-starred establishment renowned for serving Indian cuisine tailored to suit the British palate. Guests are treated to a sensory experience as they indulge in a variety of captivating dishes such as the Tandoor Ratan, Meen Dakshini, and Hiran Boti Kebab, among others, which showcase the vibrant flavors and spices of India. The restaurant boasts a well-curated wine and bar list, ensuring delightful beverage options that perfectly complement the exceptional meals served. With its stylish ambiance and impeccable service, Benares guarantees that even the most discerning diners can relish Indian cuisine while enjoying their time at the restaurant. For those seeking a more intimate dining experience, private dining rooms are also available.

12A Berkeley Square House, Mayfair, London, United Kingdom, W1J 6BS

With a European twist on Indian delicacies, Thevar offers platters featuring a kaleidoscope of flavors that will take your palate on a culinary tour. The kitchen is graced by the skills of the culinary maestro, Chef Mano Thevar, who utilizes European culinary techniques to prepare authentic Indian delicacies. Chef Thevar combines his European culinary training to create modern dishes that are lighter compared to traditional Indian cuisine. Prix fixe and Tasting Menus, offering vegetarian and seasonal specialties, are also available. Some standout dishes include Brittany lobster with curry, Argentinian Prawn Kachori, and Black Truffle Samosa. The interiors feature minimalistic décor that contrasts with the zesty cuisine offered at the restaurant. Those seeking a hearty Indian meal should plan a visit to this Michelin-starred restaurant.

9 Keong Saik Road, Singapore, Singapore, 089117
Avatara Restaurant

Born in the foothills of the Himalaya, Chef Rahul Rana, hailing from the northern part of India, brings to Dubai the first and only all-vegetarian fine dining experience. More than you could ever imagine is Avatara, a MICHELIN Guide Restaurant. Everything about this place appears beautiful and calming to the soul, including the cuisine, the atmosphere, and the surroundings. The indoor area is abundant with lovely plants, which enhance the elegance of the minimalist setting. The dishes on the menu here are created with fresh, clean, and natural ingredients that are in season, showcasing the endless possibilities that vegetarian cuisine can provide. Drop in here and treat yourself to not just wholesome cuisine but also delectable meals, whether you're in town for a work conference, a family gathering, or a romantic date.

49 Sheikh Zayed Road, 2nd Floor, Voco Hotel, Trade Center, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Trèsind Studio

Dining at Dubai's Trèsind Studio is a unique culinary experience. This restaurant puts a modern twist on traditional Indian cuisine, creating artful and delicious dishes. Their exquisite tasting menu is unique a blend of flavors and techniques. Situated in the heart of Dubai, it offers an intimate setting and immersive dining experience where each dish is a masterpiece carefully crafted by skilled chefs. The addition of a private setting and scenic rooftop views enhances the experience. Their exceptional service, rooted in the Indian tradition of treating guests like deities, ensures that dining at Trèsind Studio is a truly unforgettable experience in Dubai.

The Palm Jumeirah, St Regis Gardens, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Haoma in Bangkok is a cozy restaurant that offers a number of delectable meals from the unique Neo-Indian cuisine. Traditional Thai-style meals that are influenced by the Indian flavors are served here. This fine dine restaurant uses high-quality produce that are sourced from their own farm which is located in the city of Chiang Mai in Thailand. The restaurant’s kitchen is headed by Chef DK and his team. Various sustainable measures are used here to support the environment.

231/3 Sukhumvit Soi 31, Bangkok, Thailand, 10110
[["Semma","40.73601300","-74.00062300","https:\/\/\/assets\/images\/google_markers\/dark_blue_circle.png","","","New York, NY, United States","https:\/\/\/new-york\/1346485-semma"],["Amaya","51.49915500","-0.15721900","https:\/\/\/assets\/images\/google_markers\/dark_blue_circle.png","","","London, United Kingdom","https:\/\/\/london\/332248-amaya"],["Jamavar","51.51033700","-0.14839900","https:\/\/\/assets\/images\/google_markers\/dark_blue_circle.png","","","London, United Kingdom","https:\/\/\/london\/1147568-jamavar"],["Trishna","51.51835400","-0.15302400","https:\/\/\/assets\/images\/google_markers\/dark_blue_circle.png","","","London, United Kingdom","https:\/\/\/london\/702186-trishna"],["Veeraswamy","51.50999702","-0.13780144","https:\/\/\/assets\/images\/google_markers\/dark_blue_circle.png","","","London, United Kingdom","https:\/\/\/london\/5337-veeraswamy"],["Gymkhana","51.50850681","-0.14156682","https:\/\/\/assets\/images\/google_markers\/dark_blue_circle.png","","","London, United Kingdom","https:\/\/\/london\/931092-gymkhana"],["The Quilon","51.49873700","-0.13769900","https:\/\/\/assets\/images\/google_markers\/dark_blue_circle.png","","","London, United Kingdom","https:\/\/\/london\/330361-the-quilon"],["Benares Restaurant & Bar","51.50985725","-0.14507708","https:\/\/\/assets\/images\/google_markers\/dark_blue_circle.png","","","London, United Kingdom","https:\/\/\/london\/593368-benares-restaurant-bar"],["Thevar","1.27942769","103.84138246","https:\/\/\/assets\/images\/google_markers\/dark_blue_circle.png","","","Singapore, Singapore","https:\/\/\/singapore\/1351680-thevar"],["Avatara Restaurant","25.22336705","55.28248914","https:\/\/\/assets\/images\/google_markers\/dark_blue_circle.png","","","Dubai, United Arab Emirates","https:\/\/\/dubai\/1429180-avatara-restaurant"],["Tr\u00e8sind Studio","25.11424738","55.13961739","https:\/\/\/assets\/images\/google_markers\/dark_blue_circle.png","","","Dubai, United Arab Emirates","https:\/\/\/dubai\/1447916-tr\u00e8sind-studio"],["Haoma","13.74300800","100.56766100","https:\/\/\/assets\/images\/google_markers\/dark_blue_circle.png","","","Bangkok, Thailand","https:\/\/\/bangkok\/1388226-haoma"]]
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