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Unusual Hotels Around the World

por: Cityseeker
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Dog Bark Park Inn

Styled as a giant dog, the Dog Bark Park Inn is a cozy bed and breakfast that promises an enjoyable experience to families. The property is owned by Dennis and Frances, who are chainsaw artists, and who also have their own shop, selling a range of wooden dog carvings. The guest house is built inside the World's biggest beagle, and the loft, situated on the dog's muzzle(top floor) is a nice place for children to sleep. The rooms at this lodge are equipped with the necessary amenities, and also have private bathrooms. An exciting place for a short vacation, Dog Bark Park welcomes you with its warm service and cozy atmosphere.

Cottonwood, ID, Estados Unidos
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If nature and adventure excite you, then Treehotel is the best accommodation for you. Offering five unique tree houses that range from a cozy couple unit to a family cabin, they are comfortable and give the best view of the surrounding forest and mountain range. Try out the sauna room which can fit up to eight people. There is also a restaurant on-site where you can try out the freshly prepared wild game dishes. The Dragonfly is a conference room for 12 people that also has beds if you plan to stay overnight. Seasonal outdoor activities can be availed here such as kayaking, fishing, biking and more.

Harads, Suecia
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Faralda Crane Hotel

As the name suggests, the Faralda Crane Hotel is in fact located inside a crane which towers over 50 meters (164 feet) above the ground. The hotel is located in the premises of the NSDA shipyard of Amsterdam and has garnered immense popularity owing to its unique design. The hotel houses only three suites but these are elegantly designed with different themes in mind. The Mystique Suite is designed with sheer opulence; its luxury queen-size bed, royal furnishings and deep hues combined with majestic views of the city below, makes it an epitome of ethereal beauty. The Secret Suite embraces modernity at its very core and continues to offer pristine views of the city, a golden Penguin enhances the uniqueness of the suite. The third and the last suite is the Free Spirit Suite and it's drenched in milder hues, the Free Spirit Suite provides breathtaking views of the harbor.

Amsterdam, Holanda
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Das Park Pipe Hotel

The thought of a sewage pipe is a repulsing one. Das Park Pipe Hotel intends to change all that with their remodeled drainage pipes (rooms) which are unique and comfortable. These industrial drainage pipes were taken from scrap yards and converted into well designed accommodations. Lodgers can pay whatever amount they want to pay or can afford. Each pipe comes with a bed, skylight and shelves along with luggage space.

Ottensheim, Austria
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Ariau Amazon Towers

Si están en Manaos y tienen ganas de vivir una experiencia de hospedaje aventurera, Ariau Amazon Towers es el sitio ideal. Construido en la copa de un árbol en medio del Amazonas, este hotel es el más grande en todo el mundo en haber sido construido sobre un árbol. El hotel ofrece una estadía única en todos los sentidos, desde el viaje en lancha que hay que hacer para acceder a él, la belleza pintoresca que lo rodea y el nivel servicio que ofrece. Dividido en ocho torres, el hotel cuenta con habitaciones y suites muy cómodas y bien equipadas, un bar y un restaurante. Con un excelente servicio a la habitación y un centro de negocios, este hotel hará que la vida de Tarzán parezca un chiste. Además de habitaciones espléndidas, el hotel ofrece una serie de actividades altamente recomendables, como nadar con los delfines de nariz rosa, practicar senderismo en la selva y escalada de árboles. No hace falta aclarar que hasta las estadías cortas en este hotel son maravillosas e inolvidables.

Manaus, Brasil
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Ever wondered what living in a bubble feels like? Ask those who've had the experience of living inside a clear bubble house. Attrap'Rêves offers 6 different bubbled accommodations, in Aullach, France, just about 9.65 kilometers (6 miles) from Marseilles. Talk about unusual stays! An experience here entails a wonderful night spent safely tucked in while being able to admire the twinkling stars above. Each of these bubbled abodes are done up in style, each themed around a concept. Sustainable and eco-friendly, Attrap'Rêves makes for an unforgettable stay. Check their website for information on various package deals.

Allauch, Francia
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Yellow Submarine Hotel

If you have innate love for water and always wished to stay on a boat house, then this hotel is just the right choice for you. Located on Albert Dock, a famous tourist attraction, the Yellow Submarine is a hotel full of luxuries. World class amenities coupled with a beautiful location makes this accommodation a perfect choice for couples as well as families. The master bedroom of the yellow sub is inspired by the suite at Burj Al Arab, while the entire boat is replete with furnishings from Italy and Paris. Since it is in close proximity to all the major tourist attractions, it gives you an added advantage to travel on foot and explore the city. Airport pick-up and drop is available in plush Hummer Limos and Rolls Royce Phantoms; for obviously an extra cost. Check their website for more details.

Liverpool, Reino Unido
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Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

Buried under blankets of snow, glass-domed igloos and warmly lit wooden cabins dot the expanse of the captivating Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort. Equipped with incredibly cozy quarters, the hotel lets its guests admire the fiery streaks of the auroras and the incandescent glow of the Midnight Sun from the comfort of their igloos. The hotel also offers more spacious log chalets to its guests, Finnish havens made from kelo pine trees that add a touch of rustic charm to the experience. When guests are not entranced by the flicker of the Northern Lights, they can spend time engaging in various activities such as Husky Safaris, Horse Safaris, the Lemmenjoki Cruise, or gold panning in the deserted Lapland countryside. A combination of stunning location, comfortable accommodation, world-class service and a host of engaging activities makes a stay here an experience worth savoring.

Saariselkä, Finlandia
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Hang Nga Crazy House

Enter a world of crooked stairways, cave-like sitting rooms and giant spider webs at the Hang Nga Crazy House. The place draws many tourists and locals because of its eccentric attractions. Nicknamed as 'crazy house' by the locals, you can find here a giraffe tea room, bridges shaped like branches, guest rooms with bear skin rugs and other such nutty stuff. The house has been built by Hang Nga, daughter of former President of Vietnam, Truong Chinh. Much of the furniture and decor here of the guest rooms are inspired from fantasy and folklore. Visiting this place is a complete fun experience.

Da Lat, Vietnam
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Nine Hours Capsule Hotel

Nine Hours Capsule Hotel has 125 rooms and appears to have come straight out of a science fiction film. Set in a monochromatic decor, the hotel provides innovative sleeping technology during your stay here. The pods are designed focusing only on inducing maximum relaxation and sleepiness. You are also provided with a light-based alarm clock which increases the brightness of the light in your pod at the set time and traditional Japanese night clothes. Note that there are different color coded floors for men and women.

Kyoto, Japón
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Free Spirit Spheres

Free Spirit Spheres are giant orbs which are suspended from huge Douglas fir trees and giving a new dimension to tree house accommodation. Offering three types of spheres which are distinct in size, amenities and material, these 'rooms' have many windows offering you a glimpse of the forest life and fauna. Equipped with basic electric power and heating system, Free Spirit Spheres is an exciting weekend getaway that draws you closer to nature. It also acts like a gentle swing when the wind blows, but then these spheres are not for the meek hearted.

Qualicum Beach, BC, Canadá
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How many of us imagined living in an igloo when we were kids? Well now it's possible. The ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi, the very first of its kind, is an architectural and structural masterpiece that melts away and is rebuilt every winter, so no year is exactly like the last. Packages and programs are available for the adventurous to experience the ultimate winter wonderland. Don't be too anxious though, patrons generally spend one night in the ICEHOTEL and the next one in a warm room in a separate building. The hotel features original Ice Art, an Ice Lobby (complete with Ice Chandelier), Ice Chapel, and the original Absolut Icebar (predecessor of the ABSOLUT ICEBAR in Stockholm).

Kiruna, Suecia
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