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Neue Galerie

Neue Galerie, a section of the Johanneum Regional Museum is not part of the main building but was moved in 1811 to the former city palace of the Dukes of Herberstein due to lack of space. This gallery owns 2120 paintings, the most notable of which are two valuable paintings by Egon Schiele. Since 1981 there has also been a section dedicated to sculpture whilst contemporary works by young artists can be viewed in the gallery's studio.


The fact that the 473-meter-high (1551.84 feet) Hausberg remains a green oasis even today is attributable to Franz Ludwig von Welden. The formerly bare Dolomite rock used to be the site of a fort and all but the watch and bell tower were destroyed; what's left standing today are just the ruins. Many trees and bushes planted in the 19th century have replaced it and are responsible for the Schlossberg's continued popularity, along with the beautiful views it offers. Schlossberg is also home to several restaurants, businesses and entertainment spaces, which is why it is so popular with locals as well as tourists. A cable car ride to the top of the mountain is a must-try when here.


The nature lovers of the Austrian city of Graz often find themselves on the hike up Rettenbachklamm. The trek is a simple but beautiful one that begins at several places in Graz, including Mariatrosterstraße. The hike takes you through shady forests along the cool waters of the gorge up to the highest point of Platte Stephanienwarte. The standard advice for all walks holds true here too- make sure you’re wearing a good pair of shoes on your feet.


The Rathaus (town hall) on the Hauptplatz has experienced numerous alterations through the years. In 1550, a renaissance-style building was erected on the Hauptplatz, approximately half the size of the present building. In 1806, the town hall received a classical makeover and was extended. Between 1888 and 1893, this honorable building was again transformed to the detriment of the numerous figures adorning the building at the time, which were later completely removed as part of the minimalist craze in the 1950s.

Eggenberg Palace

The largest castle in the Steiermark, incorporated into the Johanneum museum in 1947, shelters a whole new world to discover. Erected in 1625 as a representative building by Duke Hans Ulrich von Eggenberg, it still manages to preserve its old charm. The rooms are the objects of fantasy-filled design with stunning ceiling paintings. The building boasts a famous hunting museum as well as a former baroque garden, home to free running deer and peacocks. The passion of the former master adds interesting detail. His love of numbers is reflected in the construction of the castle, with four corner towers to symbolize the four winds and 365 windows to symbolize the days in the year.

Grazer Uhrturm

The Uhrturm (Watchtower) is not only beautiful to look at, but it is home to one of the oldest bells in the country. And, it doesn't just stop at that; it serves a practical function as well. The hands of the clock work ijn an unconventional manner, with the small hand shows the minutes and the big one the hours, making it much easier to read. The Uhrturm was constructed in 1560 and the bell rung to announce impending executions. Later it indicated the closing hour for pubs and cafes.

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