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A contemporary art gallery, Augeo Art Space is known for offering emerging artists a platform to develop and showcase their talents. Not only does the gallery offer emerging artists a residency program in order to hone their talents but works by artists like Diego Cibelli, Irene Kung and Francesco Zavatta have also been held here. Besides this, the gallery also hosts exhibitions by emerging and established artists. If you want to check out the local art scene along with works by a few international artists, then head to Augeo Art Space for a great time.

Ponte di Tiberio

The bridge connects the end of Corso Augusto (Old Rimini's main road) with Borgo San Giuliano. San Giuliano is a medieval village which has numerous frescos with interesting murals of the life and works of Federico Fellini. The bridge was built over the River Marecchia ordered by Emperor Augustus. Its actual construction took place under his successor Tiberius (14-21 CE). It is an impressive work of architecture and it is one of the best preserved bridges from the Roman period. It was built entirely with stone from Istri. The bridge has five arches and is in doric style. It represents a splendid example of the technical expertise of the Romans; they built the bridge without separating the foundations of the individual pillars thus creating a unique structure that is still being used to this day. Tiberius' Bridge became a national monument in 1885.

Museo della Città

Located beside Piazza Ferrari, the City Museum displays in more than 700 works of Rimini's 2000 years of history in 40 different galleries. The exhibition building has ancient origins itself: having been built in the 18th Century as Jesuit monastery, it was used as a hospital, first military and then civilian. In the inner courtyard there is an epigraph collection of about one hundred Roman inscription which, together with a splendid exhibit of mosaics, constitutes an important part of the archeological nucleus. On the first floor there are frescoes, ceramics and paintings on wood from the 15th and 16th Centuries that tell the story of Renaissance art, amongst them Giovanni Bellini's famous Pietà. On the second floor art and sculpture produced in Rimini between the 17th and 19th Centuries are on display and the works of local artist Guido Cagnacci can also be found.

Museo Nazionale del Motociclo

Within this modern structure about 200 pieces tell us the whole story of the motorcycle starting from the pioneers period and the first motor-cycle ever, the French Werner, followed by the Italian Frera and Stucchi, all dating back to the beginning of the last Century. Fabulous Guzzi models document the production of the World War inter-period. A special section in the Museum is dedicated to both Italian and foreign sidecars that left a significant mark toward the family transport. Foreign guest stars of the Museum are the English Norton, Sunbeam, Rudge and Scott along with the American Harley Davidson, Indian and the wonderful four-cylinder Henderson. Marvellous scooters like Lambretta and Vespa and some rare models manufactured by Ducati, Cruiser and Piatti are worthy of a look too. Those who want to restore their models accurately can also consult a well-furnished library containing over 10,000 original volumes. The museum is closed on Mondays, do check the website for more information.

Arch of Augustus

The Arch of Augustus is a city-gate built in 27 BCE and is one of the oldest surviving Roman arches. The structure is unusually large compared to other Roman arches, which has lead some historians to believe the gate was not meant to be easily closed so it wasn't used for defense. This arch is featured on Rimini's coat of arms, making it an important city icon.

Piazza Tre Martiri

If you walk down the "Decumano Massimo" (nowadays Corso d'Augusto), you will come to what used to be the main Roman forum. It is the crossroads between the "Decumano" and the "Cardo Massimi". The old Piazza Giulio Cesare and Piazza delle Erbe have been renamed Piazza Tre Martiri. The new name commerates three young partisans who were executed here (Mario Cappelli, Luigi Nicolò, Adelio Pagliarani). A copy of the statue of Julius Caesar was put in the piazza when it was given to the town in 1933. The piazza also contains a Renaissance memorial stone which is called the Ara Romana. This commemorates Caesar's address to his soldiers prior to the conquest of Rome. The Sant'Antono church dates back to 1578. It has an unmistakeable octagonal shape and is surrounded by columns and faced with marble. The church was built in honor of the "miracle of the mule" which the saint is said to have perfomed here. The piazza has recently been resurfaced. This confirmed suspicions that there was a city buried underground. The piazza also has a new and attractive appearance and is lit by early 20th Century style lighting.

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