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Catedral de San Isaac

During the first half of the 19th century, around 11,000 serfs drove 25,000 wooden planks into the ground, creating the foundation for what would become Isaakievskiy Sobor or Saint Isaac's Cathedral. More than 100 kilograms (220 pounds) of pure gold were used to gild the dome and its 112 polished granite support column. The massive interior is constructed from various types of marble and stone, and it is designed to accommodate up to 14,000 people. Construction of the cathedral was a painstaking process, taking 40 years in total, and architect August Ricard de Montferrand passed away shortly after its completion. Now, the golden dome has commanded the Neva River skyline for nearly 200 years. From the 562-step climb to the circular observation deck unparalleled panoramas of St. Petersburg await.

Summer Garden

In 1704, Peter the Great employed Frenchman Le Blond to design a luxurious formal garden in the manner of Versailles. In 1777, the beautiful garden with fountains, imported trees and more than 200 Italian statues was unfortunately ruined by a flood. Today's slightly more austere incarnation can be ascribed to the more restrained taste of Catherine the Great. Nowadays, more than 80 statues reside at the park; in the winter, they are eerily encased in wooden boxes for protection from the winter elements. In the summer, the relaxed calm of the gardens makes it a popular destination for weddings and parties.

Mikhailovsky Theatre

The stately Michailovskaya Building is a home to worthy renditions of classics, such as La Traviata, Prince Igor and The Barber of Seville. Though it was known by other names, theater first stepped in way back in 1833, when French, Italian and German artistes performed regularly. Today Mussorgsky (as it is also known) is famed for drama, musicals and opera productions from around the world and noteworthy among theater circles.

Jazz Philharmonic Big Hall

The ground floor of this well-known club is the home of big band jazz in St Petersburg; upstairs, more intimate jazz concerts entertain those looking to sip a cocktail rather than cut a rug. The Philharmonic isn't nearly as crowded as other jazz clubs in the city, and it's far better appointed. The walls are covered with pictures of the many jazz luminaries who played with club founder David Goloschokin: Dave Brubeck, Benny Goodman and Duke Ellington among others. Call for a schedule and ticket prices.

Museum of Hygiene (Muzei Gigieny)

If you like seeing ancient body parts and human foetus at various stages of development floating around in formaldehyde, then this is the place for you. It's not so much what constitutes good hygienic practice that you'll find here, but reminders of what can happen to you if you don't. We're talking diseased livers, infected genitalia, gallstones, the works. Most interesting is a 200 year old corpse, a female, standing up in a glass case perfectly preserved with a full head of brown hair, an 18th century gown, stocking, hands in perfect order, nails ready to be polished, exactly the way in which she was found. Unless you have the stomach for this kind of thing, it's probably not a place you'll want to visit more than once. Also do remember, the museum administration must be informed of your visit pre-hand.

Monument to the Heroic Defenders of Leningrad

Leningrad's experience of WWII was unimaginably harsh. Hitler was intent on nothing less than the extermination of the city's population by starvation and ceaseless bombing. This imposing monument commemorates the siege of Leningrad and can be found on the main road into the city. A wide concrete staircase flanked by heroic bronze figures leads up to a 48-meter column of red granite. Beyond stands a lowered circular basin where an eternal flame burns. From here, you can enter the unsettling underground Memorial Hall.

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