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Thrilling Amusement Parks Around the World

Par: Cityseeker
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Disneyland Park

Disney's magic kingdom, the Disneyland Park in Anaheim is the original theme park; a labor of love designed by Walt Disney himself, the only one of the franchise to have been built directly under his auspicious care. Since its grand opening in 1955, this theme park has come to be renown as the place where dreams come true; where ogres, dragons and wizards roam, dazzling visions of the future are realized, and all are invited to experience a realm born of an imagination that knows no bounds. Expanded over the years, this whimsical wonderland now includes eight playfully themed lands like Critter Country and Mickey's Toontown. Here, fairytale princesses and Mickey Mouse greet visitors of every age, welcoming them into a world where magical lands are brought to life and there are thrilling experiences galore.

Anaheim, CA, États-Unis
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Europa Park

Que d'avantages à être une ville frontalière: l'accès à d'autres cultures, mais aussi, pour la jeune population strasbourgeoise, la proximité d'un parc d'attractions de la même trempe que Disneyland: Europa Park! A une demi-heure de Strasbourg, ce parc compte de nombreuses attractions pour enfants et accueille des artistes du monde entier pour donner lieu à des spectacles de music-hall et de patinage sur glace. Ce parc offre aussi de magnifiques espaces verts et des jeux d'eau, autant de merveilles qui vous reposeront après une visite bien remplie. Cet immense parc se subdivise en différents quartiers déclinés selon le folklore des pays d'Europe, un vrai voyage! Pour vous sustenter, vous aurez le choix entre 30 restaurants, qui vont du snack à la haute gastronomie. Europa Park vous offre aussi la possibilité de rester dormir dans l'un des somptueux hôtels quatre étoiles de style espagnol.

Accès par autoroute Karlsruhe-Bâle sorties Ettenheim ou Herboltzheim.

Tarifs: adulte 137,50F (EUR 20.96), enfant de 4 à 11 ans et 3e âge 124F (EUR 18.90)

Rust, Allemagne
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Beto Carrero World

Enjoying the reputation of being the largest theme park in South America, Beto Carrero World is worth all the excitement that surrounds it. Built by Beto Carrero, a dreamer and an achiever, Beto Carrero made the park what is is today. The park has plenty of attractions for younger as well as older children and for adults too. Some of the major highlights of the Beto Carrero World are their superb shows; Madagascar, which is based on the movie Madagascar is a favorite among the kids and The Extreme show involving cars, motorcycles and truck stunts is also a crowd puller. Of course, no theme park is complete without adrenaline-pumping rides and Beto Carrero World has monsters like the Big Tower & FreeFall, Star Mountain and the FireWhip. The park also has a Zoo which is home to many exotic animals. In addition, Beto Carrero World pays special attention towards enlighting children with various cultures through interactive displays and the German Village is one such example. The park is so vast, that one day isn't really sufficient to explore the place, it is isn't called Beto Carrero "World" for no reason! So keep a minimum of two days from your vacation aside to soak in all the fun at this terrific amusement park.

Penha, Brésil
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Universal Studios

La visite guidée des Universal Studios est une des attractions les plus visitée d'Hollywood. Avec des attractions qui sont en constante évolution, le parc est peut facilement permet de passer une agréable journée en famille. Après la visite guidée, vous pourrez flâner dans le parc, vous restaurer dans un de ses nombreux restaurants ou cafés et prendre part à quelques spectacles comme la comédie musicale Spiderman Rocks ou les spectacles de Jurassic Park, Retour vers le futur et Terminator basés sur les films eponymes.

Los Angeles, CA, États-Unis
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Fondé en 1843, Tivoli est placé là où les remparts de la ville anciennement fortifiée se trouvaient et le lac du parc est un vestige de la douve de la ville. Des enfants de tout âge viennent tout au long de l'année pour l'atmosphère de fête foraine, le vieux monde et les attractions excitantes qui s'y trouve. Testez votre courage sur un grand nombre de manèges à sensation (dont "le Démon" et la "toupie"). Les manèges et les activités plus calmes sont également abondants. Les plus jeunes ne voudront pas oublier le grand carrousel ou l'aquarium. Les plus âgés ont tendance à se rassembler dans et autour des presque 40 bars et restaurants de Tivoli, certains d'entre eux sont très gourmets et beaucoup datent de 1843. Un divertissement de classe mondiale est toujours proposé et les festivités passent à la vitesse supérieure pendant la saison de Noël. Regardez le site web pour la liste complète des attractions, les visites en vidéo, les horaires saisonniers, le calendrier des événements et plus.

Copenhague, Danemark
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Puy du Fou

Are you're looking to battle with the Vikings, hurl with the gladiators or swash buckle with pirates? The Puy du Fou is the answer to all your fantasies. Attracting over 2,000,000 tourists each year, this historical theme park provides spectacles and attractions that cover various exciting periods in history and with it music concerts, dance performances and reenactments galore. Come sunset and the Cinescene provides an unforgettable show on one of the biggest stages in the world, and thousands of actors and performers most of whom are from the neighboring areas and take you through nearly 700 years in history. For a whole new experience for the whole family, check out the wonderful Puy du Fou.

Les Epesses, France
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Six Flags Magic Mountain

This world famous attraction is one of Southern California's most popular theme parks! With the most exciting thrill rides around, you're guaranteed to have fun. Six Flags California is composed of two parks: Six Flags Magic Mountain and Six Flags Hurricane Harbor. Magic Mountain bills itself as the extreme park with the most roller coasters and adult rides in the region. Of course, there's still plenty to do for the whole family, including an amazing kids area that's perfect for the younger crowd. Take a ride on the gigantic Colossus, try not to scream on the rollercoaster Scream, and feel like you're flying on Superman!

Valencia, CA, États-Unis
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Gardaland is the best and largest theme park in Italy. There are many rides which have contributed to its success including: a journey amongst the pharaohs in "Valley of Kings" and a trip round a pirate village in "The Buccaneers" You can also visit the "Village of the Elves" and venture through the uncultivated jungle. However, the best rides are aimed at the bravest visitors: start with a terrifying free-fall from a height of 40 meters in "Space Vertigo", then wander through a Russian mountain range in "Blue Tornado" and finally explore some more traditional mountains in 'Magic Mountain'. There are hundreds of other attractions as well as live shows. The park which has been carefully put together, right down to the finishing touches, is also houses a number of restaurants and gift shops. Note that hours vary according to the season.

Castelnuovo del Garda, Italie
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Tokyo Disneyland

This magical wonderland is a fitting embodiment of Walt Disney's legacy. Opened in 1983, Tokyo Disneyland was the first Disney theme park to be built outside the United States. The park is centered around the iconic Cinderella Castle, and features a troupe of attractions scattered across numerous themed arenas such as World Bazaar, Adventureland, Westernland, Critter Country, Fantasyland, Toontown and Tomorrowland. In addition, this gargantuan facility is also home to an arsenal of shops and dining facilities. Here, Mickey Mouse, along with his clan of iconic Disney characters, parades around, sparking joy and jubilation among both young and old.

Urayasu, Japon
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Universal’s Islands of Adventure®

Make an escapade to the distinctly thrilling islands of adventure and experience exciting rides. Set foot right into the magical World of Harry Potter or enter an epic battle of good versus evil on the streets of Marvel Super Hero Island. Adventure and thrill, that's what this theme park is all about. All those childhood superhero fantasies you concocted come alive in these Islands of Adventure.

Orlando, FL, États-Unis
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With Spaceship Earth as its icon, Epcot has been a Walt Disney World favorite since the Epcot Center opened in 1982. Epcot celebrates technology and the future with two featured sections: Future World and World Showcase. Future World explores technology while World Showcase has pavilions representing eleven countries from around the world. Epcot has rides but more prominently features shows and tours ranging from Honey I Shrunk the Audience to the environmentally-conscious The Circle of Life. Nearby, the America Gardens outdoor arena hosts live performances.

Lake Buena Vista, FL, États-Unis
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Magic Kingdom

The original Walt Disney World park, the Magic Kingdom creates a fantasy world for kids of all ages. The park contains seven different themed lands: Main Street, U.S.A., Adventureland, Frontierland, Liberty Square, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland and Mickey's Toontown Fair. Each land displays the special Disney magic, and around the whole park are rides, games, characters, shows and shopping. At the center of the park lies Cinderella's Castle which towers over the park at 189 feet. The original design for the park was based on California's Disneyland, however Magic Kingdom is significantly larger.

Lake Buena Vista, FL, États-Unis
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