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Best for Groups in Sochi

Par: Cityseeker
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Lentyai Grill & Bar

Soviet movie aficionados will be pleased to know that this establishment, formerly called Kafe Kurortnoye, was featured under the name Plakuchaya Iva in the famous comedy Brilliantovaya Ruka (The Diamond Arm). This is where the main character Semyon Semyonych sang his hit "Song About Rabbits." The place is situated close to the Sochi Circus and combines a restaurant, a bar, and a karaoke club. The menu is truly international, featuring Russian, Caucasian, Italian, French, and even Mexican dishes (quite a rarity in Sochi). The name "Lentyai" translates as "Idle Fellow," and it is indeed a good place to relax with a hookah, a pastime very popular in Russia.

Sochi, Russie
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The annual music festival in Sanremo, Italy is very popular in Russia, so it is no wonder that someone would name their restaurant after that town. Especially if it is an Italian restaurant. Sanremo in Sochi is noted not only for its cuisine but also for its seaside location, gorgeous views, and breezy vibe. The restaurant's designers aimed to create a unique "beach feeling," even covering the floor with sand for authenticity. The prices in Sanremo are quite high, but the food makes up for the price and the restaurant also serves as a venue for concerts of popular Russian musicians.

Sochi, Russie
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Dacha Bossa

The name of this restaurant refers to an inextricable part of Russian culture, the dacha (summer house). Lots of people in the country, not just oligarchs, have them. Sochi has long been a place where influential people (such as high-ranking Soviet functionaries) had their summer houses, hence "The Boss's Dacha." The restaurant offers many entertainment options for its patrons, such as billiards, karaoke, live music, and DJ nights. The food menu is pretty standard, featuring European and Japanese dishes. You can also pay tribute to a time-honored Russian summer tradition by making your own shashlyk (skewered meat) on the terrace.

Sochi, Russie
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