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Best Travel Gear/ Sports Shops in London

Par: Cityseeker
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Although this looks rather small and unassuming from the bustling pavement on Piccadilly Circus, wander inside and you'll find five floors of sporting goods to make your eyes pop out. All manner of sporty gear including Gortex jackets, tennis rackets, golf clubs, cricket bats, gym equipment, tents and swimwear - you name it, and they've probably got it. This flagship store is huge, so ask one of the friendly and well-trained staff members for help and they'll send you in the right direction. This store has a long sporting history and it seems one they're keen to maintain.

Londres, Royaume-Uni
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Nike Town

Nike Town is less of a sporting store and more of a gallery. The multimedia experience that accompanies your trip to buy a pair of cross-trainers is what keeps the Nike empire going strong. Screens fold down to project memorable scenes of athletic excellence, and the roar of a stadium crowd is pumped into each room. Shoe boxes are sucked from the back room through a clear tube that winds through the multi-level store to the consumer. All Nike brand athletic gear, shoes and accessories are sold.

Londres, Royaume-Uni
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London City Runner

Home to numerous great brands of running and sports shoes, London City Runner is located on the Ludgate Broadway in the heart of the city. Offering a wide range of lightweight, comfortable and high performance fashion of your feet, the store also boasts of a great collection of sporting and gym apparel. For all your feet needs, head straight here!

Londres, Royaume-Uni
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Located on Surrey Quays Road in Bermondsey, Decathlon specialities in top quality sporting goods at great prices. The place stores sports products of most types; meaning everything between swimming suits to gym and hiking gear to camping equipments. Open all week, Decathlon is a haven for health freaks, marathon runners and athletes of all kinds!

Londres, Royaume-Uni
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