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Historic Bars Around the World

Par: Cityseeker
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Cave Bar

Set against a dimly-lit cavernous atmosphere, the Cave Bar in Petra is easily the oldest bar location in the world. The bar is entombed in a rock carved by Nabateans nearly 2,000 years ago. Today it is part of the Petra Guest House, and is characterized by a grand piazza at the entrance. The insides are hazily lit, with lush armchairs for comfortable seating. Enjoy a cup of Jordanian red wine with small bar food such as potato wedges and fish and chips.

Petra, Jordanie
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McSorley's Old Ale House

C'est un point de repère du village de l'est qui s'est ouvert en 1854, ainsi que le bar le plus vieux de Manhattan. McSorley's propose deux genres de la bière : McSorley's Légère et McSorley's Brune. Il y a la sciure de bois par terre, et sur les murs vous verrez des photos, du bric-à-brac historiques, et des anciens articles de presse. Pendant la semaine c'est un endroit confortable où prendre un verre. Pendant le week-end, il y a une queue très longue des touristes et d'étudiants. McSorley's n'a pas permis l'entrée aux femmes jusqu'aux années 1970, et aujourd'hui il est toujours rempli essentiellement des hommes.

New York, NY, États-Unis
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Sean's Bar

Sean's Bar has a reputation for being the oldest club in Europe. The locals believe that because the pub is near River Shannon many ancient travellers halted at this pub to retreat and enjoy couple of drinks and unwind to the live music. The place still offers the same hospitality that it offered estimated 1000 years back. Sean's Bar is a cosy nook that hosts live music and serves beer. The ambience of the restaurant has a uniqueness to it. Sean's Bar is undoubtedly the jewel of Ireland and hence sees a rush of visitors from across countries.

Athlone, République d'Irlande
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The Bell in Hand Tavern

Established in 1795, The Bell in Hand Tavern has the distinction of being the oldest continuously-operating tavern in America. This bi-level restaurant and bar features nightly live music and karaoke Tuesdays for added entertainment. The uniquely designed rooms have a character of its own and are used for private as well as corporate functions. The pub has a impressive list of draft as well as bottle beers apart from cocktail specials. Nosh on the tasty American fare along with your choice drink while listening to some music. Surely you will enjoy this historic place that has been entertaining the locals for centuries now.

Boston, MA, États-Unis
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Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese

Reconstruit après le grand feu de 1666, le Cheshire Cheese a probablement très peu changé depuis l'époque où Charles Dickens, Doctor Johnson et Arthur Conan Doyle venaient au bar du deuxième étage pour y prendre un verre. Le sous-sol et le deuxième sous-sol offrent de nombreux recoins pour prendre un verre tranquillement, des bières blondes allemandes biologiques et une gamme de ales Adnams sont disponibles. Les avocats et les employés de bureau se mélangent à l'heure du déjeuner et toutes les places sont debout. Les soirées sont plus calmes, mais le vendredi soir vous devez tout de même arriver avant 20h pour avoir une place sur les bancs en bois. La Cathédrale Saint-Paul est à dix minutes de marche de Ludgate Hill et le Dr Johnson's House à cinq minutes, clairement identifié sur la rue Fleet. Il y a aussi deux restaurants dans le pub - la Johnson Room et la Chop Room, les deux servent des plats pour les amoureux de la panure comme les poissons et frites, steaks, pâtés aux rognons, génoises à la mélasse, Spotted Dick (une génoise aux raisins secs). Vous trouverez exposés la chaise sur laquelle le Dr Samuel Johnson s'assoyait pour travailler ou prendre une pinte et un perroquet empaillé qui a diverti la clientèle avec son langage et ses mimiques pendant plus de 40 ans.

Londres, Royaume-Uni
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The Bingley Arms

The Bingley Arms is said to be more than 1000 years old and is believed to be the oldest pub in Britain. It was a rest house of the catholic priests in those olden times. The place has a wonderful, mystical, rustic charm to it such that every nook and cranny of the place has a story to tell. It is situated away from the hustle of the city. They serve an array of mouth-watering culinary delights to tantalise your taste buds and also have special Sunday menus. They also offer a variety of wines and beers to choose from. Check website for details on menu.

Leeds, Royaume-Uni
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Gordon's Wine Bar

Clamber down the steep, narrow staircase to cross the threshold of this Gothic-style 19th-century wine cellar- the oldest in London. Although located on busy Villiers Street, this institution of a wine bar (and former home of Rudyard Kipling) is preceded by an anonymous, even derelict-looking exterior. With nothing but a few cobweb-covered jars in a neglected window, only the faint lettering that begrudgingly spells the word 'Gordon's' invites you in. Downstairs, Londoners in the know huddle beneath low arches and antique clocks to enjoy wines from across the globe by candlelight. Besides the myriad of wines on offer, Gordon's has a noteworthy selection of sherry, port and Madeira served from wooden casks behind the bar. Also available is a variety of light dishes and continental cheeses with a generous hunk of French bread and butter.

Londres, Royaume-Uni
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Spaniard's Inn

This charming and historic public house was originally built in 1585 and is believed to have hosted the Spanish Ambassador to the court of King James I, hence the name. Dick Turpin, the Highway robber, is one of its former illustrious punters; his famous pistol is even on display here. The Spaniard's Inn is also steeped in literary history; poets like Byron and Keats are said to have downed a pint at the bar. The pub's snug, paneled rooms and open fires make it a welcome retreat, and the real ale is another crowd-pleaser. A stone's throw from Kenwood, it is an ever-popular conclusion to a weekend stroll on Hampstead Heath. The Inn's garden is well cared for and ideal for a summer afternoon brunch or casual drinks with friends.

Londres, Royaume-Uni
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Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop Bar

If you are down on Bourbon Street and your feet are tired from walking and you have had your fill of raucous mayhem, you need only walk a little further to find this famous bar. Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop Bar is (as its name implies) located in a former blacksmith's shop and safe house for smugglers during the 1800s. It boasts of having survived the fire that burned down the French Quarter in the late 1800s and being the oldest building to house a bar in the United States. In the back of the bar, a musician plays a grand piano and croons through drunken sing-a-longs like Piano Man and You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling. The bar has reasonably priced drinks compared to many of its Bourbon Street counterparts.

La Nouvelle-Orléans, LA, États-Unis
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This most famous pub draws people from all over the globe, even at nine in the morning! Its unique charm comes from the Bavarian music and the handful of regulars who gather at the bar. Beer and schmankerl (roast pork with trimmings) complete the setup. In the summertime, locals head towards its wonderful courtyard, while the Festsaal room hosts a Bavarian evening with music every night, which costs a few Euros for admission. Main meals and a tankard of beer are perfect for a group of friends. Established in the 16th Century, this has become a local landmark. Your trip to Munich will be incomplete without a visit to Hofbräuhaus.

Munich, Allemagne
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Café Vlissinghe

Herberg Vlissinghe is estimated to be more than 450 years old. The place exudes nuances of history and culture of Bruges. The pub is away from the hustle of the city and hence locals lovingly describe the place where they feel tranquillity. The place has a wonderful, earthy charm to it. It is a great place to enjoy local food and some of the best locally brewed beers. Omer happens to be their famous beer. The place also sells souvenirs such as beer glasses and postcards. It is closed on Mondays and Tuesday. The place does not accept credit cards.It is a must visit when in the city.

Bruges, Belgique
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Kyteler's Inn

Kyteler's Inn is an excellent example of a medieval tavern and dates back to 1324. The pub takes its name from a local Kilkenny woman, Dame Alice Kyteler, who married four times and was convicted of practicing witchcraft in the same year. Tastefully restored, the pub's traditional interior with timber floors, wooden tables and an open fire makes for an excellent atmosphere. The Irish stew comes highly recommended.

Kilkenny, République d'Irlande
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