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Pro Surfing Gran Canaria

Feel the wind in your hair as you ride the waves in the blue sea at Pro Surfing Gran Canaria. Enjoy surfing and kite-surfing in the breath-taking waters. Allow the staff to pick you up from your hotel and escort you to the beach. Tourists can enjoy the various water sports that are offered along with tuition from experienced professionals.

Jardín Botánico Canario Viera y Clavijo

Perched on the slopes of the Guiniguada Ravine, the Viera y Clavijo Botanical Garden is a microcosm of the Canary Islands' diverse flora. The Swedish-Spanish botanist, Eric Ragnor Sventenius, is the founding father of these botanical gardens commonly known as Jardín Canario. For years, he roamed the islands, exploring distant corners, scaling precipitous slopes and venturing down undiscovered paths in a quest to compose an exhaustive collection of the archipelago's endemic species. There are leafy laurel trees, parched xerofila, palms, aeonium, and giant cacti among many others, beautifully arranged in awe-inspiring, thematic gardens that encompass the vast breadth of the islands' exotic botanical reserves. A popular tourist attraction, the Jardin Canario is also internationally renown for its preservation programs. In 1983, a seed bank for the Canaries' endemic trees was established here, and there's also a library, a herbarium, and laboratories. Spread over 27 hectares (67 acres), this vast, verdant enclave is a journey across Macaronesia and its bountiful, natural landscapes, replete with plants that are entirely unique to the Canaries.

Cueva Pintada Museum and Archaeological Park

Cueva Pintada or the Painted Cave in Gran Canaria is a key to the lost history of the Guanche, the original inhabitants of the island before the Spanish. Discovered in 1873, the caves contain a series of geometric color paintings by natives. When the museum was established, the entire archaeological complex was opened again to the public after several years. A thick glass wall separates visitors from the caves, through which they can glimpse the painted caves. The museum exhibits pottery and artifacts that were discovered during excavations. Remains of a historic country house that were excavated near the caves have been reproduced to depict native village life. History buffs would appreciate the scientific methods used to preserve this important piece of heritage.

Casa de Colón

The Casa Museo de Colón commemorates explorer Christopher Columbus' visit to the islands on his way to discover the Americas, as well as the role that the Canary Islands played as a bridge between the New and Old Worlds. A reproduction of the navigator's shipboard cabin, complete with an exhibition of pre-Colombian ceramics inside are featured. A section of the museum is set aside for a fine arts exhibit. The building itself is a fine example of typical Canary Island architecture, with an impressive Gothic sandstone façade and lovely wooden balconies. Admission is free.

Free Motion

Enjoy a cycling tour of the Gran Canarias after renting a cycle from the popular Free Motion. It offers a range of cycles and biking gear that enable one to embark upon a private tour of the area. Guided tours are also offered under expert supervision where o0ne can join a group of enthusiastic cyclists traversing the rugged outdoors.

Bahía Cat

This company specialises in day and evening boat trips. By day, you can have an hour's ride in a catamaran with a glass bottom and you can also see Las Palmas from the sea. There are departures from Monday to Thursday at 11am and 3:30p and on Fridays and Saturdays at 3:30p. The evening trip lasts two hours and you can have a drink, dance and enjoy a good selection of music. The company also organises parties for all sorts of occasions. The boat is open from midnight but sets sail at 1a from the Muelle Deportivo (sports marina).

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