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Rue Dong Khoi

La rue Dong Khoi, anciennement connue sous le nom de rue Catinat, est une rue animée située au cœur de Hô-Chi-Minh-Ville. Elle est parsemée de monuments importants tels que la cathédrale Notre-Dame et la Poste centrale, qui vous feront voyager dans le temps jusqu’à l’ère coloniale française. Cette rue est également connue pour ses boutiques, cafés et restaurants, qui en font une des meilleures destinations pour manger et faire du shopping.

Ben Thanh Market

Impossible to miss at one of the key intersections in the city center, Ben Thanh is the city's main market. Inside is a tightly organized grid of aisles, arranged according to product. Clothes, shoes and fabrics dominate the front, before giving over to kitchenware, cooked food, fresh vegetables and a somewhat alarming display of seafood and meat. There is plenty for the visitor to buy, but the main attraction is the way in which the bustling market is still very much part of the city's life and economy. The clock tower at the entrance of the market is actually considered as the city's major landmark.

Thuy Design House

The exquisite wares sold at the Thuy Design House are rooted in tradition, inspired by feminine curves and flowers, and enriched by Thuy's talent as an artist fused with her love for high fashion. Thuy's clothing and accessories are fashioned from the finest lace, silk and brocade, and designed to appeal to a modern clientele, with a discerning taste and a firm sense of self. Delicate, feminine and luxurious, yet vibrant, sprightly and whimsical, Thuy's designs truly capture the ethos of the modern day Vietnamese fashionista and art enthusiast. Whether you're looking for a complete outfit, or a statement piece to add a touch of spice to your wardrobe, Thuy's Design House will set you up with just the right choice.

Veritas Bespoke

Born of a passion for fine craftsmanship and the art of shoe making, Veritas Bespoke has come to be the go to choice for the city's discerning, fashion-forward male clientele. The store uses 3D imaging technology to create exquisitely designed handmade shoes that are built to last. Not only do Veritas' shoes fit like a dream, but they are also impeccably designed in line with the latest trends in fashion for men. Handmade using the finest leather and a blend of classic and contemporary design, these shoes are sure to add a spring to your step. While Veritas is renown for their bespoke creations, the store at Ho Chi Minh also offers ready-to-wear and made-to-measure collections that are easier on the wallet, but no less impressive in design. Before you head out to get yourself a pair, keep in mind that bespoke shoes can take up to 6 weeks to complete, so plan ahead!

Catherine Denoual Maison Boutique

Catherine Denoual Maison Boutique is all for kids. Classy bed linen, comfortable clothing, table linen, and all the other accessories. The designer takes utmost care in making each product with style and intricacy, that sets it apart from the mainstream products. The choice of color and patterns, is classy and upscale, making your kid stand out of the crowd. The ambiance of the store is homely, making your shopping experience wonderful.

Maison Marou

A chocolate lover's search for heaven on earth ends at Maison Marou - a local chocolaterie, patisserie and cafe that serves up a whole host of chocolaty delights. Created using single origin Vietnamese cacao, Marou chocolate boasts a bold, rich and distinctive flavor that is reminiscent of the lush local plantations and verdant farms. While you watch the staff at work in the factory beyond the glass window at the cafe, indulge in a chocolate inspired dessert that brings together classical French techniques and the finest local ingredients, a cup of single origin coffee, hot chocolate, or a bonbon. You can also purchase Marou Chocolate bars, pralines and bonbons to take home with you.

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