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Best Tours in Gothenburg

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Paddan sightseeing tours depart from Kungportsplatsen in the center of Gothenburg. These are well planned delightful guided boat tours of the canal and its many bridges. The canal was built during the 1600s. During the tour, you can enjoy the grand view of the fishing harbor, Eriksberg, Gothenburg opera house and the docks. The Paddan sightseeing tour is highly recommendable for all ages.

The magnificent Göta Canal was inaugurated on September 26, 1832 and was opened with the intention of easing transport and travel within the country. It stretches from the city of Gothenburg to Soderkoping near the Baltic Sea. The canal is 190 kilometers (118 miles) long and serves are the principal artery of a complex waterway that links the lakes Vänern and Vättern via the Göta älv across a span of 614 kilometers (382 miles). Though the original intention became redundant after the advent of the railway, the canal still remains as a grand example of the architectural and engineering genius of humankind. The project was inaugurated in 1810 and took the combined efforts of 58,000 workers and experts commissioned from aboard to bring the grand plan to fruition over 22 years. Today, the canal serves as a tourist attraction, with several cruises being operated on a daily basis during the summer. The route is scenic, with many historic locks along the way including the Lock at Lilla Edet, originally installed in 1607.

The Skansen Krona fortress was built in 1641. The fortress' main purpose was to scare off the Danes, and it was also known as Juteskrämman (the Dane Scare). It was completed in 1695. Skansen Krona is built on a hill and therefore commands a grand view of the central parts of Gothenburg. The tower ornament is in the shape of a crown, hence the name (krona means crown). Today, the fort houses a military museum and is also used as a venue space for parties and weddings.

Set on an island on the Rivö fjord, the New Älvsborg Fortress guarded the gates to Sweden's only access to the North Sea in the medieval era. Constructed in the 17th Century, the fort has withstood numerous attacks, protecting its charge with ferocity and vigor, backed by the Swedish troops. Today, relieved of its military duties, the fort is a popular destination for family-friendly recreation. The fortress itself has a very interesting history; the halls seem to echo the boom of cannons and battle cries, while the cell blocks ring with the clink of chains that held prisoners in check. With its strategic location on the fjord, the castle boasts a sweeping view of the surrounding that was once essential to for the fulfillment of its duties. Boats ferry tourists to the island where they are greeted by costumed guides who proceed to unveil the legacy of this monument over the course of a 30-minute tour.

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