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Lake Zwenkau

Lake Zwenkau, like many others in the area, was created due to flooding because of a Lignite mine. The lake is a great holiday destination for local families and tourists alike. There is a small golden sand beach where you can enjoy your day, nestled comfortably within the shade of your sun chair while reading a book. You can also go for a nice swim in the lake. The water body was filled in the late 2015 and is now completely accessible.

Karl Heine Kanal

Established in 1856 on the insistence of city Lawyer Carl Heine, Karl Heine Kanal is an artificial water body running across the length of the city. The most prominent feature of the canal is that as many as 15 bridges that connect different streets span it. Each bridge has a different name and the canal itself is a major cultural and historical monument in the city and is strictly under preservation.

Zeitgeschichtliches Forum Leipzig

The Zeitgeschichtliches Forum is a free museum in the center of Leipzig. Its permanent exhibition deals with the GDR, the former state of East Germany. The exhibition presents the history of the state from its formation until the fall of the Berlin Wall with a focus on political oppression as well as everyday life for its citizens. There are also temporary exhibitions that deal with a wide range of historical themes. Not all of the information is presented in English, but visitors can request a translation of the text at the information desk.

Gewandhaus Leipzig

the Gewandhaus is truly a gorgeous concert hall that is a lovely architectural landmark and provides amazing entertainment in the form of concerts. First built in 1781, it was later rebuilt in 1981. Make sure you allow time on your tour of the city to see it lit up at night. The real highlight is the music emanating from inside, for the acoustics are truly top-notch. Kurt Masur used to be synonymous with the building. Its halls also house an impressive organ and are well worth a visit.

August Horch Museum Zwickau

Inaugurated in 2004, the August Horch Museum Zwickau beautifully narrates the history of automobiles in Zwickau. Zwickau has been the home of automobile giants like Audi and Horch, hence a museum dedicated to cars should not come as a surprise to anyone, but the content of the museum surely does. This is a perfect place to get kids along so that, they too can get a feel of how cars have developed and evolved over the years. The vintage collection of cars housed inside the August Horch Museum Zwickau will surely take you back into humble times. A visit to Zwickau is incomplete without a visit to the August Horch Museum.

Altes Rathaus

You can't miss this wonderful building in the heart of Leipzig, as the Old Town Hall is in the middle of the market place. The first plans for building the Town Hall as it stands now were made in 1555. Although it was badly damaged in World War II, you can once again go for a stroll in the Town Hall's colonnade on account of the restoration work in the 1950s. The hall also houses the fascinating Leipzig City History Museum, where you can learn all about the city's glorious past.

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