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Best Books, Music & Movies in New York

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Downtown Music Gallery

At Downtown Music Gallery, you will be likely to find the CDs, DVDs and LPs you are unable to find elsewhere. The selection of music is vast, and features a lot of avant-garde jazz and progressive. Some of the artists whose music you are likely to find here include Darius Jones, Alvin Lucier, Dagmar Krause and Myra Melford. The friendly staff at this cozy store will be able to assist you in finding the music of your choice.

13 Monroe Street, Between Catherine & Market Streets in Chinatown, New York, NY, Stati Uniti, 10002
MoMA Design Store, Soho

Planning to furnish your new apartment? Visit MoMA to find innovative showpieces and utility items under one roof. From fine tables, chairs, kitchenware and other home accessories to stationery, jewelry, books and watches, this Soho outlet has everything to meet your demands. Of course you can also find all kinds of gifts, art books, children's books, toys and more as well. MoMA Members enjoy a discount at the store.

81 Spring Street, Between Crosby and Broadway, New York, NY, Stati Uniti, 10012
McNally Jackson

McNally Jackson is a book lover's paradise with an astounding variety across all genres of literature. Peruse the collection spreading across two floors, and if finding your selection becomes difficult, seek the help of their knowledgeable and friendly staff. You can also browse online and get your pick delivered to your doorstep. But to enjoy an enriching experience, attend the shop's diverse book clubs, book reading events, literary workshops, story-telling sessions and a host of exciting activities that appeal to all ages. The store also has a cafe where you can simply slouch on a chair with a cup of coffee and a book in hand.

52 Prince Street, Between Lafayette & Mulberry, New York, NY, Stati Uniti, 10012
Generation Records

If you're looking for a bit of nostalgia outside of the digital download world, then Generation Records is your store. In business for more than 17 years, the store is a favorite among music lovers for their friendly service and unceasing passion for music. In addition to vintage vinyl, the store boasts new and used CDs, t-shirts and posters. Visitors can find any genre, from punk and pop as well as a decent selection of world music. If you are lucky, you might even catch a live performance by a local band inside the store.

210 Thompson Street, New York, NY, Stati Uniti, 10012

Famous designer Marc Jacobs has seemingly taken over this corner in the West Village with this small space located right across the street from his retail fashion boutique. Here, Jacobs plies his accessories and an eclectic array of books and gift items for a more upscale clientele since the prices are quite high. The kitschy products range from books to pens, bags and other items. After you've picked up a book or zine, you can try to beat back the crowds at Magnolia Bakery for a bite of something sweet, if you can.

400 Bleecker Street, New York, NY, Stati Uniti, 10014
Strand Book Store

Since 1927, this East Village gem has delighted bibliophiles with its impressive collection of new, used, rare, and discontinued books. The illustrious shop boasts an impressive 18 miles of books spread over its three floors, promising printed works for every tasted. Used-book lovers will find several specialty sections, including a notable selection of discounted art books, and others will enjoy browsing review copies of recently published works in the basement. Strand Book Store also carries antique items and novelty merchandise guaranteed to put a smile on any bookworm's face. Keep an eye out for discounts and sales when you drop by to experience this literary spectacle, as the beloved bookstore does its best to create special offers for its loyal patrons whenever possible.

828 Broadway, New York, NY, Stati Uniti, 10003
Books of Wonder

Books of Wonder is one of the best known children's bookstores in New York City. The staff knows everything about children's books, their authors and famous characters. This is an important store to publishers, so most weeks an event is planned with a major author. It is a wonderful place to buy gifts for your child or to re-discover classics from your youth. Don't forget to enjoy a tasty snack at the adjacent Cupcake Cafe.

42 West 17th Street, New York, NY, Stati Uniti, 10011
192 Books

192 Books is the lovely bookstore on 10th Avenue that Chelsea's bibliophiles flock to. On the shelves, you will find an impressive collection of latest novels, timeless best-sellers and hard-to-find literary works. From art and history to science and travel, as well as children's specials, this place has got all your genres covered. It also plays host to book-signings, reading sessions and several art exhibitions that celebrate the literary arts.

192 10th Avenue, At 21st Street, New York, NY, Stati Uniti, 10011
Printed Matter, Inc.

Printed Matter is famous all over the country as a one-stop venue for art books and events. Claiming to be one of the world's biggest non-profit setups for publications, the center boasts a reading room that houses over 15,000 art books written by 6000 global artists. It is also an interactive artist space that hosts numerous book and art exhibitions and fairs, which attract artists and bibliophiles from all over the country. Literature students and enthusiasts can participate in interactive lectures, workshops and many other educational events related to the reading and art world. It is best known for window exhibitions, and also organizes fairs all over the world, prominently the LA Book Fair and NY Book Fair.

231 11th Avenue, New York, NY, Stati Uniti, 10001

At a time when chains of book stores are ruling the roost, you will be delighted to find this independent bookstore nestled and flourishing in the heart of Brooklyn. The store is well-supported by the local readers who religiously walk in here to buy the latest releases or the must-read classics. Its collection covers a wide range of genres and caters to people of all ages. Be ready to stumble upon some hard-to-find novels as well as non-fiction and philosophical books. Kids will love going through its selection of colorful story books and puzzles. And that's not all, as the store hosts various parties, book launches and live music events throughout the week. Too busy to visit the book store? Then you can browse through their website, search for your choice of books and get it delivered to your doorstep. It is a fun bookstore that commands the attention of every book lover in the city.

126 Franklin Street, Brooklyn, NY, Stati Uniti, 11222
Unnameable Books

New as well as used books find a place in this small bookstore situated in Brooklyn. The store makes up for its size by housing an amazing and sought-after collection across all genres that would put even a famous chain to shame. The surprisingly low prices and the friendly staff are an added bonus book lovers. While here, check out the poetry selection that patrons vouch for.

600 Vanderbilt Avenue, New York, NY, Stati Uniti, 11238
The Library Shop

Items for the literary minded abound in this clever bookstore and gift shop adjacent to, and owned and operated by, the New York Public Library (40th St branch). Browsers may have a tough time deciding between the magnetic poetry kit and the 52-card deck of "Great Books to Read". Shoppers have much to choose from in the novels, notepads, photo frames, jewelry and other items all related to reading and authors. Decide on the Shakespeare notepaper and T-shirts, Century, a 1,100-page pictorial of the 1900's, or the children's books lining one wall of the shop.

467 Fifth Avenue, The New York Public Library, New York, NY, Stati Uniti, 10018
[["Downtown Music Gallery","40.71165400","-73.99592800","https:\/\/cityseeker.com\/assets\/images\/google_markers\/dark_blue_circle.png","","","New York, NY, Stati Uniti","https:\/\/cityseeker.com\/it\/new-york\/781151-downtown-music-gallery"],["MoMA Design Store, Soho","40.72283500","-73.99804500","https:\/\/cityseeker.com\/assets\/images\/google_markers\/dark_blue_circle.png","","","New York, NY, Stati Uniti","https:\/\/cityseeker.com\/it\/new-york\/349565-moma-design-store-soho"],["McNally Jackson","40.72337000","-73.99607700","https:\/\/cityseeker.com\/assets\/images\/google_markers\/dark_blue_circle.png","","","New York, NY, Stati Uniti","https:\/\/cityseeker.com\/it\/new-york\/781036-mcnally-jackson"],["Generation Records","40.72882800","-73.99906700","https:\/\/cityseeker.com\/assets\/images\/google_markers\/dark_blue_circle.png","","","New York, NY, Stati Uniti","https:\/\/cityseeker.com\/it\/new-york\/730603-generation-records"],["Bookmarc","40.73584932","-74.00522367","https:\/\/cityseeker.com\/assets\/images\/google_markers\/dark_blue_circle.png","","","New York, NY, Stati Uniti","https:\/\/cityseeker.com\/it\/new-york\/762780-bookmarc"],["Strand Book Store","40.73324820","-73.99065851","https:\/\/cityseeker.com\/assets\/images\/google_markers\/dark_blue_circle.png","","","New York, NY, Stati Uniti","https:\/\/cityseeker.com\/it\/new-york\/19749-strand-book-store"],["Books of Wonder","40.73864000","-73.99423500","https:\/\/cityseeker.com\/assets\/images\/google_markers\/dark_blue_circle.png","","","New York, NY, Stati Uniti","https:\/\/cityseeker.com\/it\/new-york\/208060-books-of-wonder"],["192 Books","40.74661500","-74.00476600","https:\/\/cityseeker.com\/assets\/images\/google_markers\/dark_blue_circle.png","","","New York, NY, Stati Uniti","https:\/\/cityseeker.com\/it\/new-york\/781032-192-books"],["Printed Matter, Inc.","40.75069400","-74.00592800","https:\/\/cityseeker.com\/assets\/images\/google_markers\/dark_blue_circle.png","","","New York, NY, Stati Uniti","https:\/\/cityseeker.com\/it\/new-york\/781037-printed-matter-inc"],["Word","40.72907512","-73.95725800","https:\/\/cityseeker.com\/assets\/images\/google_markers\/dark_blue_circle.png","","","Brooklyn, NY, Stati Uniti","https:\/\/cityseeker.com\/it\/new-york\/789795-word"],["Unnameable Books","40.67841200","-73.96874100","https:\/\/cityseeker.com\/assets\/images\/google_markers\/dark_blue_circle.png","","","New York, NY, Stati Uniti","https:\/\/cityseeker.com\/it\/new-york\/781042-unnameable-books"],["The Library Shop","40.75341500","-73.98191400","https:\/\/cityseeker.com\/assets\/images\/google_markers\/dark_blue_circle.png","","","New York, NY, Stati Uniti","https:\/\/cityseeker.com\/it\/new-york\/48584-the-library-shop"]]
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