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Legendary Sports Spots Around the World

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National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

The Baseball Hall of Fame Museum holds some of the game's most prized collections. See thousands of baseball artifacts and photographs telling the story of baseball's history. There is also a research library where enthusiasts can read about the history and future of America's enduring love for the sport. Visit the museum store and take your pick from the various caps, shirts, gloves and mugs on display.

Cooperstown, NY, Stati Uniti
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L'unico Grand-Slam si gioca ancora sull'erba, Wimbledon offre 19 campi da tennis ma il Numero Uno e il campo centrale sono le sedi degli incontri più importanti. Il campionato di tennis di Wimbledon richiama ogni anno migliaia di visitatori tra cui molte celebrità avide di vedere dal vivo i loro idoli e per questo è il posto in cui farsi vedere. I biglietti per Wimbledon si iniziano a vendere in dicembre, quindi meglio stare all'occhio. Poche centinaia di biglietti vengono vendute dalle 10:30 della mattina direttamente lì ogni giorno del torneo per gli sfortunati che non sono riusciti a comprarli prima. Wimbledon ospiterà eventi tennistici anche durante le Olimpiadi del 2012.

Merton, Regno Unito
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Ascot Racecourse

Ascot Racecourse offers exciting entertainment with an array of events and facilities. In addition to the famous races, the center also houses a variety of corporate and social events, from business functions to weddings or civil unions. If you are in the mood to throw a lavish summer party, the party organizers at the racecourse can arrange events.

Ascot, Regno Unito
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Churchill Downs

A world-renowned racecourse commemorating Henry Churchill, the Churchill Downs is the holy grail for aficionados of horse racing. Spread across more than 140 acres (56 hectares), the track rekindled Louisville's hope for horse racing after two of the city's favorite venues were shut down. Since its inception in 1875, the Kentucky Derby has prospered on this track garnering many raves from jockeys and equestrian sports lovers from across the globe. Featuring more than 70 luxury suites, the interior of the site is decorated with murals of Kentucky Derby winners thus celebrating the augustness and exclusivity of the sport. A museum, stables and a clubhouse are also a part of the Thoroughbred racetrack's extensive layout.

Louisville, KY, Stati Uniti
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Nürburg's Nürburgring stands as one of the motorsport world's most famous (and most dangerous) race tracks. Besides racing events and hosting of the German Grand Prix every other year, the Ring also holds the music festival Rock at the Ring every July. Aside from event days, there is an interactive museum about cars, racing and the track itself as well as a shop selling clothes and souvenirs.

Nürburg, Germania
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Daytona International Speedway

This serpentine course encompassing Lake Lloyd has set many a race aficionado's hearts aflutter with adrenaline as speedsters zoom through the tracks. Daytona International Speedway is among the US' most coveted racetracks and was built between 1957 through 1959 by William "Bill" France, Sr, the founder of NASCAR. This outdoor sports facility features asphalt and dirt tracks with varying difficulty levels and is planned in such a way that spectators get a fine view from almost any angle. Home to major motorsports events such as the Daytona 500, Coke Zero 400 and Coca-Cola Firecracker 250, it is also known as the World Center of Racing. Touted to be the only one of its kind in the world, it hosts thrilling motor races alongside hosting several gaming events.

Daytona Beach, FL, Stati Uniti
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Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Indianapolis Motor Speedway was the world's first ever racing track to earn the epithet of a 'Speedway'. Boasting a capacity of 400,000 spectators, this track can be aptly described as the holy grail for motorsports aficionados across the globe. Since its construction in 1909, Indianapolis Motor Speedway has hosted several prestigious racing events but the revered Indianapolis 500 and Brickyard 400 have always been its major crowd pullers. The on-site Hall of Fame Museum houses NASCAR and racing memorabilia and artifacts. At any given time at least 75 vehicles are on display for the public.

Indianapolis, IN, Stati Uniti
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Fenway Park

This world-famous baseball stadium has been a staple of the Boston entertainment scene since its opening in 1912. The diamond is flanked on its left side by the Green Monster, an iconic 37-foot (11.28-meter) field wall featuring a manually operated scoreboard. A unique piece of civic history, Fenway Park is one of the oldest Major League Baseball stadiums currently in use, and it proudly hosts the Boston Red Sox. With a seating capacity of over 37,000 spectators, the stadium ripples with excited energy on game days when steadfast local fans cheer proudly for the home team.

Boston, MA, Stati Uniti
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Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field is one of the country's oldest ballparks and also one of the prettiest. You won't find any Astroturf here because the fans would not allow it. The real grass is kept a lush green, and the ivy grows thick and heavy along the outfield walls. Now home to the Chicago Cubs, at one time the Chicago Bears football team played here. Even if you are aren't a sports fan, you will enjoy a visit to this stadium. There's enough sense of history to satisfy anyone looking for a slice of the past. Make sure to grab a hot dog and a beer before finding your seat to watch the ballgame. Don't have a ticket? You can try to get a free peek of the game at "The Knothole" - a 20-foot (6 meter) long rectangular opening on the Sheffield Avenue side of the stadium. Don't forget to check out the statue of famed radio and television broadcaster Harry Caray outside.

Chicago, IL, Stati Uniti
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Lambeau Field

Home to the Green Bay Packers, Lambeau Field is open year-round and functions as a Packer's historical center as well as a playing field. Originally opened 1957, this venue now seats over 72,000 and boasts itself to be the longest continuously occupied stadium in the NFL. During the off-season you can still enjoy this facility by visiting the Lambeau Field Atrium and the Packers Hall of fame. For information on upcoming games and events, visit their website.

Green Bay, WI, Stati Uniti
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Camp Nou

Camp Nou è uno degli stadi più grande d'Italia. Edificato nel 1957, è casa della FC Barcelona, detto Barca dai locali. Lo stadio venne conosciuto come "la casa costruita da Kubala", un riferimento al grande marcatore (segnapunti?) degli anni 1950. Questo ungherese era talmente popolare che lo stadio non poteva ospitare tutti i tifosi che venivano a vederlo. Un nuovo stadio era costruito e adesso può ospitare 98.000 tifosi.

Barcellona, Spagna
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Old Trafford Football Ground

Old Trafford, chiamato anche "il Teatri dei sogni," è un rinomato campo da calcio che si trova nella zona di Manchester. Aperto nel 1910, ospita il famoso club di calcio del Manchester United. È stato sede di prestigiosi tornei tra cui la coppa del mondo FIFA, l' Euro 96 e la coppa UEFA del 2003. è stato individuato come sede di nove incontri calcistici dei giochi olimpici del 2012. Oltre al calcio. Oltre al calcio qui si gioca anche a baseball e cricket. Artisti leggendari come Bon Jovi e Bruce Springsteen hanno suonato qui all'Old Trafford. Lo spazio viene anche affittato per eventi privati e funzioni come matrimoni e feste di Natale. I turisti possono fare visite guidate. Controllare sul sito web o chiamare per ulteriori informazioni.

Manchester, Regno Unito
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