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Wooster's Garden

Wooster's Garden is a popular establishment located on Milam Street. Whether you're looking for a refreshing drink, delicious food, or a lively social setting, Wooster's Garden has something to offer. Try some of their creative cocktails and pair them with some delicious food, options for which include fresh salads, burgers, sandwiches, tacos, fries, and more. Wooster's Garden frequently hosts live music performances and other events, creating a lively and entertaining atmosphere for guests. This adds to the overall experience and makes it a popular spot for those seeking a fun night out.

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Khon's Bar

Located in the Midtown, Khon's is the perfect after-work hangout. They serve beer, wine, and coffee in a laid-back atmosphere. It's a great spot to go for a quiet night with a few friends. They have plenty of surprising drinks in stock from all over the world. Take a load off and play darts while shooting the breeze with the friendly bartenders, or sit and enjoy an eye-opening coffee while finishing up some work.


Agora is way more than just a great cafe. Besides the fact that they sell fine European ales, sweet post-dinner beverages, and snacks, they also have a true hip identity. Nestled along Houston's vibrant Westheimer Road, Agora can easily serve as whatever you need it to be. Time to kill? There's no better place. First date? You can stay as long or as short as you need, having chosen an impressively unique spot. Even take a client there for an informal meeting. This eclectic café captures the essence of community, blending a warm and welcoming atmosphere with a touch of bohemian charm. With its diverse range of seating options, from cozy couches to outdoor patio spaces, Agora offers the perfect setting for relaxation, work, or conversation. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills the air as baristas expertly craft each cup with care. Whether you're indulging in their artisanal coffee creations, savoring a delectable pastry, or immersing yourself in the vibrant local art, Agora promises an unforgettable journey for coffee lovers and creatives alike.

Leon's Lounge

Many debate whether Leon's Lounge is the oldest bar in Houston or if those honors go to La Carafe downtown. Does it really matter other than to say that this bar has that special something that makes it the perfect watering hole for every generation? Is it the crazy chandeliers? Or the excellent jukebox? Maybe they've just managed to hire some of the city's best bartenders. Somehow, since 1947, they have continued to hit that magic combination of warm ambiance, excellent pricing, and generous pours that get people in and keep them coming back.

13 Celsius

Built on a reputation for an excellent selection of wines, 13 Celsius is a must-visit for all wine connoisseurs. The driving force behind their unique name comes from the fact that they store all their precious bottles of wine in a cellar which is adjusted to 13 degrees Celsius to present it to the customers at just the right temperature. With a setup featuring a rustic, cozy space with an open courtyard, this bar is intimate and perfect for treating your taste buds to exquisite wines without any unnecessary intrusion. The menu here mainly comprises cheese platters and meat dishes that pair nicely with their fine wines. You can also stock bottles from the tempting selection in the wine department.

D&T Drive Inn

Typical of a dive bar, D&T Drive Inn has a hip ambiance and is often full of youngsters from the neighborhood. A small bar with stools, a jukebox in the corner, and a friendly atmosphere give it a casual and local feel. Available here are 50 beers like American Lager, Hefeweizen, and Stout on tap and a tasty food menu perfect with the eclectic range of beers. Pimento Cheese and Ritz Crackers, Meat and Cheese Plate, and Chips and Queso are some dishes customers like the most. Drop by to have a large mug of your favorite beer as you chat away the evening with your buddies.

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