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Árbæjarsafn venne fondata nel 1957. Si trova a Árbær, un'antica fattoria che si trovava fuori Reykjavík, ma la città si è espansa e oggi il posto si trova dentro la città. Quando venne creato il museo c'erano solo fattorie ma negli anni seguenti qui vennero ricreate alcune case antiche del centro di Reykjavík. Tra gli edifici del museo c'è una chiesa costruita nel 1842 e ancora in uso per motivi religiosi. Si tratta di un museo all'aria aperta dove vengono anche organizzate mostre sul passato. Ad esempio c'è la esibizione della macchine antiche e di antichi strumenti da garage. Si dice che gli antichi abitanti d'Islanda costruirono le proprie case a Reykjavík nel 874. Il museo è dedicato alla storia di Reykjavík da quel giorno fino ad oggi e gli utensili mostrano come fosse la vita di tutti i giorni degli antichi islandesi. Per coloro che vogliono conoscere la storia di Reykjavík, Árbæjarsafn è il miglior posto dove andare.

Laguna Blu

Soft blue swirls of mineral-rich water and gently billowing steam that rises from the water's surface make up the magnificence of the Blue Lagoon. A gigantic geothermal spa that has effectively ridden numerous individuals of skin ailments, this man-made lagoon is one of Iceland's finest, and most visited attractions. Situated on a large lava field, the water in the lagoon is typically fed by the output of Svartsengi, a geothermal power plant that lies adjacent to the lagoon. Sulfur and silica are prime ingredients that lend the warm waters of the lagoon its curative powers, drawing eager visitors from across the world. Visitors can apply the famous silica mud mask and see its skin-restorative powers for themselves, or feel the warm gush of the lagoon's waterfalls as it takes away any semblance of soreness from their muscles. There is also a sauna room, and a restaurant on site.

Parco nazionale di Thingvellir

The Þingvellir has been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for its iconic status in Icelandic history. The site that is now a National Park was once occupied by farms, the remnants of which bear witness to the agricultural heritage of the region. The lush landscape is marked by old farmhouses, the 19th-century Thingvellir Church and various other structures. The park is endowed with remarkable natural beauty and is home to Iceland's largest natural lake. It is also the celebrated home of the world's oldest parliament that dates back to the Viking Age. Silken waterfalls such as the Oxara cascade dramatically from their place in the canyons, while the Peningagja is a ruggedly hewn gorge that ends in a swirl of icy cold waters. Visitors to the park can indulge in fishing at the lake, explore its depths or embark on a hike across the picturesque landscape.


Enjoy a beautiful day out at the picturesque Hafravatn. This lake is deep and has cool blue waters. It is a popular destination for day trips and adventure holidays. Para-gliding can be arrabged here. Book into any one of the cottages lining the waters and enjoy your own heaven on earth.

Kjarvalsstadir-Listasafn Reykjavikur

Kjarvalsstadir-Listasafn Reykjavikur was one of the very first establishments which was founded solely for the purpose of hosting art exhibitions. Along with regular exhibitions of the famous Icelandic painter, Johannes Sveinsson Kjarval, the museum is also host to year-round temporary modern art exhibits by painters and sculptors from around the world. While here, you may enjoy a cup of coffee at the museum cafe as you take in the view from their floor-to-ceiling windows.


Nauthólsvík is a small locality within the city of Reykjavík which is known for its Thermal Beach. This beach is a feature as the temperature in this particular cove always stays a few degrees hotter than the surrounding oceans. The water is hot enough to feel like one is soaking in a hot tub. Designated swimming and water sports areas are also available for those keen sportsmen who wish to keep up the practice in the winter months. A long stretch of woodland, which cuts across this neighborhood and runs parallel to the beach, has many trails where one can go running.

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