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54 Bose Road is one of the most famous addresses in Kolkata and an important stopover for every tourist visiting the city. The building aptly called Mother House is the headquarters of the Missionaries of Charity, Mother Teresa's vision to spread hope and love to the despair. Even today, Mother Teresa’s sisters of charity, clad in their trademark blue-bordered saris, continue to carry forward her legacy. Visitors can pay their respects at the Mother's tomb and visit the museum displaying objects from her routine life – sandals and a worn-out bowl that stand as true reflections of her simplicity. Invoking peace and a range of different emotions, this place allows you to catch a glimpse into the life of one of the finest human beings to have ever lived.

National Library, located at Alipore is one of the largest libraries of India. The brilliant white structure set against lush green gardens of the picturesque Belvedere Estate, is truly a magnificent sight. The collection of books within the library accumulated from libraries like Calcutta Public Library, Imperial Library and so on that were amalgamated over a period of time, is as exquisite as the scenery surrounding it. Books in local and foreign languages, research journals, official documents, historical manuscripts, maps and the list is endless. Pre-independence agreements of the East India Company, maps from the 17th Century undivided India, publications of United Nations and other materials are of utmost importance and beneficial to the students of history and political science. In 1988, with foray into computers, this library archived books published back in 1667, thereby preserving classics for the future generations. Spread over a vast area of approximately 62000 square meters, with over 24,02,579 books, National Library, is a must visit attraction, while in Kolkata.

The Prinsep Ghat monument was built in honor of the East India Company employee James Prinsep. Although appointed as the Assay Master of Calcutta Mint and Secretary for the Asiatic Society, James Prinsep was widely respected for deciphering the rock edicts of Asoka from the Brahmi Script. After his death in 1840, the people of Calcutta (now Kolkata) gathered resources to commemorate him through this piece of architecture. The signature white columns that make up most of the monument and the Vidyasagar Setu (Second Hooghly Bridge) in the background make this quite a visual treat. In 2008, Prinsep Ghat was also used as the venue for the Prinsep Ghat Cultural Festival and seems to be a promising locale for more events in the future. Right next to it is the Prinsep Ghat Jetty stop from where you can navigate the Hooghly to reach Howrah.

St.Paul's Cathedral is one of the 'first Episcopal Church of the Orient' in Kolkata. Bishop Daniel Wilson initiated the construction of the cathedral in 1839 and it was completed in 1847. Designed by Major William Nairn Forbes, it is similar to the Bell Harry Tower in Canterbury Cathedral in Kent. The pristine white walls, the stained glass windows, carved wooden pieces and frescoes remind you of the Renaissance period. Though the church was completely destroyed twice, it was eventually restored and regained it's original grandeur. While you are visiting St.Paul's Cathedral, you can also check-out the nearby attractions like Victoria Memorial, Nandan, Mahanagar Peace Park and the Birla Planetarium.

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