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Top Rated Attractions in Konya

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Mevlana Museum

Possibly one of the world's best places for poetic reflection, the Mevlana Museum is where the mortal remains of Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi (or Mevlânâ) lie. Born in Afghanistan, the poet surpassed several regional boundaries before finding eternal peace in Konya. Completed in 1274, his mausoleum, that is now conserved as a museum, was commissioned by one of the Persian poet's successors, and it also houses the remains of Rumi's father. Its conspicuous turquoise dome reveals the place from afar, while its archaic facade intrigues one's curiosity about what lies within. An erstwhile dervish lodge, the structure is replete with Seljuk motifs and calligraphy. It further encompasses a Tilavet Room that leads visitors to Mevlânâ's sarcophagus through a silver door. Here, the meticulously-carved and ornately-decorated wooden receptacle magnificently stands out against the amber glow emanating from quaint lamps. Its ethereal sight pays perfect tribute to the Sufi mystic, whose soulful poems and resonating prose, till today serve as riveting messages of love and peace.

Taş ve Ahşap Eserler Museum

Taş ve Ahşap Eserler museum is a quaint building which was once a medrese - an Islamic school. The structure dates back to 13th Century, and was constructed at the behest of the Fakhr al-Din Ali, who was a popular vizier for the Sultanate of Konya. The building features an ornate minaret, which adds to its beauty. The museum strives to preserve the rich local history and culture, and has an admirable collection of artifacts, relics and documents belonging to the Seljuk as well as the Ottoman era.

Alaeddin Camii

Believed to be one of the oldest of its kind, the Alaeddin Mosque sits ensconsed in the Alaaddin Tepesi Park. The resting place of several Seljuk sultans, the mosque is a stunning example of their quintessential architectural style, accentuating the city's silhouette. The structure's construction lasted for over a century and its facade as well as interior immaculately justifies the lengthy time frame. Its eclectic columns are the striking feature of the edifice while the ornate sarcophagi of the sultans complete the structure's interior beauty. An expansive hall, a Mihrab bathed in blue, and an ornamental dome are other aspects of the Alaeddin Mosque that make it one of Konya's revered possessions.

Karatay Madrasa

Yet another cultural marvel of Konya, the Karatay Madrasa was built by Seljuk Sultan, the then Emir of the city. A fine example of the Seljuk architecture style, the madrasa is ornamented with magnificent domes that are adorned with tilework. The erstwhile seminary further has an expansive hall with a water feature at the center. Its architectural nuances and placement of various elements exude an aura of peace around the place. It once created an inviting atmosphere for studying but has now been restored as a museum. It exhibits painstakingly done tilework in addition to stone and wooden artifacts.

Konya Archaeological Museum

Konya Archaeological Museum; located in Konya was established in 1901. The museum has three halls; The Prehistoric Hall, Iron Age Hall and the Roman Period Hall. The prehistoric hall consists of various artifacts like terracotta artwork, sarcophagi and other antiquities from the Catalhoycut. These collectibles belongs to the Neolithic and Old Bronze Age and it was declared as a state museum during the middle of the 19th century. The Iron Age hall has on display a diverse collection of pottery and bronze artifacts while the Roman Period Hall has a good collection of sculptures made of stone, limestone, metal, etc and inscriptions in various languages. The museum gives its visitors a brief insight on the history of Konya.

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