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Best for Kids in Las Vegas

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There are two main parts of this Gilcrease property. First, the animal sanctuary, which is home to birds and other wild animals needing care and shelter. The Wild Wing project to rehabilitate injured birds cares for exotic and domestic birds. The Gilcrease Orchards allows people to pick their own apples, apricots, pears and other fruit, depending on the season. Call the recorded line to hear which fruit are ripe and the hours available for picking.

Featuring artifacts recovered from the sunken wreckage of the famous ship, Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition takes visitors on a journey back in time to teach them about the ship and the passengers on its native voyage. There are several recreated rooms on display, including the grand staircase. On the Promenade Deck portion of the exhibit, you'll be able to experience the cold temperature that the passengers experienced on the night the ship sank.

Experience the rush of skydiving without jumping out of a plane! Vegas Indoor Skydiving is an indoor skydiving facility located in the heart of The Strip. Step inside a chamber with a trampoline floor and padded walls then feel yourself left off the ground and float in the air with the help of a vertical tunnel that shoots up air to support your weight. As the wind rushes by, you'll feel like you're in free fall without any plane or parachute. With no age limit and only a modest weight minimum, this is the perfect adventure for both kids and adults.

Hidden in an unassuming warehouse is what might just be the world's largest collection of pinball machines from the 1950s up through the 1990s. This Pinball Hall of Fame is listed as a museum, but is also an arcade. All the machines are operational and patrons can play to their heart's content. There is no fee to enter the Pinball Hall of Fame, but players will need to pump quarters into the machines to play. Located not far from the strip, the Pinball Hall of Fame is a great spot for anyone looking for something a bit unique and off the beaten path. Anyone can go to Vegas and say they played slots. How many can say they visited what is possibly the world's largest collection of pinball machines?

Nestled within close proximity to Downtown Las Vegas, Springs Preserve is a natural park and cultural center devoted to commemorating the history of Las Vegas and promoting sustainability. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the preserve is a rich repository of desert botanical gardens, museums, and galleries. It is home to several life-sized displays, exhibits, and entities centered around building a green environment. this insightful preserve also hosts classes, lectures, and workshops built around the disciplines of cooking, archaeology, sustainability, arts, crafts, cultural studies and more. Serpentine trails cleave many wetlands and lush desert terrains at this sprawling preserve which is also home to an indoor theater and a historic photo gallery. A seamless synergy of nature, education, and conservation, Springs Reserve is a noble step towards replenishing the global environment.

Siegfried & Roy's Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat is a tropical paradise dedicated to the wild things. You will find many exotic animals housed here, from panthers and leopards to elephants and tigers. This exhibit is presented in an effort to spotlight the need to protect vanishing species. There's also the intriguing Dolphin Habitat. You will thoroughly enjoy watching the antics of these amazing creatures that love to show off for onlookers.

Life is candy-coated at this four-story factory, where you can not only feast on the iconic candies, but also enjoy a 3D movie (Lost My "M" in Vegas) and order your own custom-printed and custom-colored M&M's! These personalized treats make a unique Las Vegas gift for someone back home. M&M's World is, of course, a very child-friendly attraction just beyond the main portion of The Strip. If you're coming to Vegas with kids, this is a stop worth making.

Sprawled over 30 acres (12.14 hectares), the Clark County Museum is an open-air museum that allows you to experience the history of South Nevada first hand. An entire ghost town has been recreated, along with a nature and mining trail where you can see fascinating mineral exhibits. Walk along the museum's Heritage Street exploring a simulated newspaper printing company from the 1900s, historic houses from the early 20th Century, an old barn and wedding chapel, and an original Union Pacific steam engine and caboose. Of course, any exhibit on the culture of South Nevada is incomplete without mentioning its burgeoning entertainment industry. Clark County Museum also showcases memorabilia from Las Vegas resorts and casinos, along with retro fashions from the 1960s. At the end of an interactive guided tour, stop by at the souvenir shop to purchase traditional hand-crafted dolls and other keepsakes.

By far the most famous attraction at the Mirage Hotel is its Volcano. It's the closest it could be to a real volcano. Amidst three acres (1.2 hectares) of water, the volcano comes to life several times every night. It shoots up 54 feet (16.4 meters), spraying smoke and fire. The water below is transformed into streams of "molten lava" as tribal music rounds out the whole experience. Admission is free of charge.

Vegas makes the impossible a reality; a good example of that is this beach in the middle of the desert. This world-famous playground offers a wave pool, lazy river, three swimming pools, a jogging track, and 2700 tons (2,449,339 kilograms) of real sand. Relax in a chair by the water, or enjoy the scenic views from the comfort of a private cabana. Depending on the season, you'll also find concerts hosted here from time to time!

Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas is an all around entertainment venue. Whether you're looking for a place to relax after work with a drink and a meal, go bowling or check out a concert, this multi-purpose space has it all. The venue has 32 bowling lanes, perfect for an evening out with friends or family. The stage set up in the center is a popular local venue for concerts and shows, as well as private parties. With an extensive bar menu, as well as a great selection of typical bar eats, as well as more classic fare like their famous Fried Chicken. Kids are allowed entry till 8p, so it's a great spot for a family outing during the day, while at night it's transformed into a happening bar and pub.

This exhibition offers a unique view of human anatomy, putting real human bodies and organs on display. Thanks to a process called polymer preservation, these specimens are able to retain their physical appearance while halting the decay process. During your visit, you'll learn about the skeletal, muscular, nervous, respiratory, digestive, and reproductive systems. The time it took to prepare the specimens on display ranges from one week to over a year.

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