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Best Landmarks in Lausanne

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Romainmotier Priory is a monastery founded by Romanus of Condat in the Canton of Vaud, explaining its namesake. Now an entry on the Swiss inventory of cultural property of national and regional significance, it once stood as a priory for monks of the Cluniac order. The rich history of the Romainmotier Priory begins around 450, from there traveling through medieval times, a 14th-century financial crisis, the Protestant Reformation, and two restorations from 1899 to 1915 and 1992 to 2000. In the summer, spring, and autumn, hymn concerts are conducted at the Romainmotier Priory, making it not only a historically significant attraction but also a cultural one.

The Payerne Priory is also called Payerne Abbey or Peterlingen Priory. It is located in Payerne, Vaud, Switzerland as a monastery of national significance. The Abbey is a combination of Roman and Gothic art and there is a chapel dedicated to St.Michel. There is a museum and regular concerts are held during the day. A restaurant serves the delicacy of the town the saucisson or sausage, cake with cream and ham.

The spectacular Abbey of Hauterive is situated in the municipality of Hauterive in Switzerland, and is a national heritage site. The Cistercian establishment was founded in 1138 by Guillaume de Glâne, who was once the local lord. The abbey has been the cultural focal point for the locals of Hauterive ever since. In the 18th Century, it was subjected to renovations and improvements, and was rebuilt in the distinctive Baroque architectural style. A place for solidarity and peace, this establishment is currently home for several monks and priests. For information about opening hours, kindly visit the website.

Mont d'Or is one of the highest peaks of the Jura mountain range situated at an altitude of 4800 feet (1463 meters) above sea level. Being one of the highest peaks in the region, it is also one of the most popular mountaineering destinations, testing the skills and temperaments of elite mountaineers. Apart from being an adventure junkie's favorite, it is also known for its skiing ranges and limestone quarries.

Abbaye de Saint-Maurice is an ancient structure in town that is worth visiting for its splendid architecture and religious significance. While the abbey was founded as early as the 6th century, the structure was constantly renovated and rebuilt, hence the oldest part of the structure dates back to the 11th century, while its Romanesque tower was rebuilt in 1945. The abbey is also a renowned pilgrimage site and welcomes hordes of people, every year, for a session of prayer and study.

Lucens Castle is a beautiful and grand historic structure, located on a hill top and over looking the countryside town of Lucens. Built around the 16th Century, the castle served a residential place for kings and nobility, a fortress, a girls institution before being sold to a private party. Today, it functions as a luxury event venue with weddings, dinners, parties, meetings and conferences regularly hosted here. 10 rooms for accommodation are available as well.

A spellbinding natural rock formation of gigantic dimensions, Creux du Van is found between Vaud and Neuenburg cantons. Standing tall at 524.93 feet (160 meters), this natural rock-made arena is formed in the vicinity of an equally picturesque basin. Creux du Van's history goes back to over 200 million years when the glaciers and the creeks have led to the formation of the spectacular formation from an ancient water stream. Nature lovers would love the arctic-alpine plantations of the rock. Lynx, Ibex, Chamois and other species of wildlife have made the pristine Creux du Van their home.

Fribourg's last wood-covered bridge; current state dates back to the 17th and 18th centuries.

The grand old castle of Neuchâtel is a popular tourist attraction in the region with its rich history and beautiful architecture. A designated Swiss heritage site, it is often paired with the neighboring and equally magnificent church of La Collégiale. Today it is open to individual visitors for no charge at all, while guided tours with groups are available for 50 francs in English, French, German and Italian.

Located between the towns of Noiraigue and Boudry, lies the Areuse Gorge whose beauty has enchanted the many who've tread the path that winds past its plunging depths. This is a relatively small gorge compared to some of the others in the area which includes a crystal clear stream and two main rock formations connected by a bridge made of stone. Nestled within a forest, this is a great place to take a stroll with a loved one amidst nature. Man-made pathways ensure that most parts of the gorge are accessible.

Located on the outskirts of Martigny, the medieval castle of Château de la Bâtiaz offers visitors a unique historical experience with its remarkable architecture, gruesome torture chamber, a small tavern and a display of old war machines and siege engines. Situated atop a small hill, it offers panoramic views of the city and can be accessed via a short trek or a tourist train called Le Baladeur. The castle also hosts many events like metal concerts, discotheque nights, civil marriages and rock operas which are very popular among the local citizens. Visitors are advised to check opening hours on the official website or see if a blue flag is hoisted atop the tower, signifying that the place is open. Access to the site is free, but one can opt for guided tours and demonstrations for a small price.

This quaint cobbled stone square is filled not only by the Town Hall but with the wonderfully colored buildings, each with its own window box of geraniums and pastel colored shutters. The square is home to the Fountain of Justice, whose basin dates from 1557 making it the city's oldest. The original Statue of Justice was made in 1585 but is now replaced by a copy. Every Wednesday and Saturday morning, a market is held on all surrounding pedestrian streets where you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables. The overall atmosphere of the square is very laid back, making it a good place to relax in the outdoor cafés and restaurants.

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