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Best Water Attractions in Lausanne

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Perfectly mirroring the surrounding Pic Chaussy massif in its crystal clear waters, the picturesque mountain lake of Lac Lioson, is the perfect rest stop while hiking across this region. Forested all around, this idyll getaway also features few cottages for those wanting to stay and explore the varied flora and fauna of the area. In summer, it is an ideal spot for fishing and swimming while in winter, with the entire lake covered in ice, ice diving is popular here.

Lac de Toules is a scenic lake surrounded by imposing mountains and a dam that was completed in 1963. A popular hiking and cycling destination, the site provides spectacular views of the landscape.

An enchanting mountain lake nestled in an idyllic landscape with meadows, cliffs and dark forests; Lac de Taney is a lake straight out of a fairy tale. It is surrounded by flower strewn fields, which include alpine rose, monk's hood and mountain violet among others. The entire region has been declared as a national natural heritage site and offers an incredible variety of flora and fauna like the characteristic tall, fragrant fir trees and a vast number of amphibians like frogs, alpine salamanders and many others. The imposing peaks of Jumelle and Grammont provide a scenic background and there are also provisions to stay in this exquisite place, at the charming little mountain inn on the Western shore of the lake.

Lac des Taillères, also known as Lake Taillères, is a popular picnic spot among tourists and locals alike for its sweeping panoramic views of the Jura ranges, clear clean waters and rolling green lawns surrounding it. During the summer, the bright blue sky and warm weather make it ian ideal place for relaxation and reflection while the winter days converts the frozen lake into a skating and snowshoeing rink.

Located between the towns of Noiraigue and Boudry, lies the Areuse Gorge whose beauty has enchanted the many who've tread the path that winds past its plunging depths. This is a relatively small gorge compared to some of the others in the area which includes a crystal clear stream and two main rock formations connected by a bridge made of stone. Nestled within a forest, this is a great place to take a stroll with a loved one amidst nature. Man-made pathways ensure that most parts of the gorge are accessible.

The Lake of Gruyère is an extremely beautiful lake in Fribourg, Switzerland. It is an artificial lake and the dam is currently under the administration of the Group E SA. There are water activities available at the lake and it has spectacular views. The lake also houses a bridge which was built over it in the 1970s.

Located in the canton of Vaud, Lac Brenet is a beautiful lake in Switzerland. The lake is currently put into use by a hydroelectric plant where it is used as a reservoir. The lake freezes in the winters and the snow surface is fascinating to look at. There are various trails leading to the lake. It is a good place to visit for a day trip.

Lake Montsalvens is a place for peace and solace. With no direct vehicle route to this place, you must either use the roads aligned by it, and then walk it out to this dam/reservoir. Constructed in 1921, the capacity of the reservoir is 12.6 million cubic meters (10200 acre feet), while the surface area is a mere 0.74 square kilometers (0.29 square miles). It is located in between the Broc and Charmey villages. The pristine view of the greenery and the cool breeze off the water will keep your mind at peace.

A magical and beautiful getaway indeed, partly enclosed between mountains and forests, the wild and mysterious Lac des Chavonnes is a picture perfect getaway. It lies in the midst of beautiful forests and lush greenery above Villars in the Vaud Alps. The location of the lake is extremely picturesque, with the charming village of Forclaz nearby and the massive Chamossaire range of mountains in the background. It is an ideal swimming destination in summers.

Located near the magnificent Lake Geneva, Lac de Bret is a natural reservoir popular as a calm and relaxing fishing destination. It is a part of the municipality of Puidoux and is used as a drinking water reservoir for the city of Lausanne. Along with the time spent fishing here, visitors can explore the surrounding wilderness on foot and admire the serene natural beauty. The restaurant, du Lac de Bret is located close by and is known to specialize in authentic homemade cheese dishes and also has one of the best wine cellars in the region. It is a quaint family run hotel, with affordable and convenient lodging available, all in a sublime mountain setting

Located in the beautiful locales of the Canton of Fribourg in Switzerland, is the Schwarzsee, a scenic lake. The lake which, when translated, literally means the Black Lake, but besides the name the waters of this water body is quite clear. It is surrounded by a couple of mountains , mainly the Kaiseregg in the South.

Housed in Valais, Lac de Morgins is a Swiss delight. This serene lake is located within the Morgins municipality of Troistorrents which is situated near the Pas de Morgins. Connected to France via carefully marked trails, the lake is extremely breathtaking owing to the neighboring valleys, trees and peaks.

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