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Best for Kids in London

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If you're among those who've always fancied receiving a letter from Hogwarts, then head over to Warner Bros. Studios located in Watford. Offering guided tours through a number of sets such as the bustling Diagon Alley,the intimidating Forbidden Forest, the beloved platform where everyone's favorite characters await the elegant Hogwarts express at the start of each new school year, and more, the studios attract a multitude of 'Potterheads', as the fans of the series are affectionately called, who are looking to immerse themselves in the fantastic world woven by J. K. Rowling and brought to life by Warner Bros. Tag along with your loved ones and traipse through the world of Harry Potter which unfurls before your eyes, replete with awe-inspiring and riveting props, costumes, and visual effects.

The British Museum is one of London's top tourist attractions, as well as a major scholarly resource. Its collection was bequeathed to the nation in 1753, and the museum's distinctive Greek Revival structure was constructed during the 19th Century. The collection expanded massively during the heyday of the British Empire, leading to the museum's reputation for acquiring from sources all over the globe, leaving it with over 8 million objects. The displays cover about 5.5 hectares (14 acres) making it impossible to see everything in one visit. The famous Rosetta Stone, Assyrian Reliefs, Parthenon Marbles and the vast Egyptian collection are a few of the British Museum's most well-known exhibits.

One of Central London's most iconic green spaces, every blade of grass at Hyde Park is drenched in history dating back to the early 1600s. Laden with a myriad of historic spots, the park's prime attractions include the symbolic Speakers' Corner, the restful Serpentine Lido swimming area, and the famous Serpentine Gallery. It is also bedecked by stunning sights such as the Isis statue and the Diana Memorial Fountain. Nature lovers can head toward Hyde's southern frontier to find themselves in the midst of blissful Rose Gardens. A fantastic place to spend the day, Hyde Park is a must-visit during a sojourn in London.

The Lyceum Theatre was built in the 1700s, so it's a golden oldie in terms of London theaters. The theater holds just over 2000 people. In the 1970s this theater provided a platform for various popular musicians like Led Zeppelin, Queen, The Police, Bob Marley, and others. In the 1990s Jesus Christ Superstar, and Oklahoma! were performed here. Since 1999, this theater has been home to the Lion King musical.

Explore the natural history of the planet Earth, from the prehistoric era to the present day, at one of London's most visited museums. In 1881, the Natural History Museum moved to its present venue. Designed by Alfred Water house, this building is now one of London's most beautiful and recognized museums. The halls house more than 300 years worth of collections, with over 80 million specimens. Broadly divided into Life and Earth galleries, the museum provides much more than can be seen in a day, and your feet will get tired before your brain does. Let your kids run wild among dinosaur skeletons, erupting volcanoes and life-size constructs of blue whales - it's unlikely they'll ever forget their first visit here.

Victoria Park was opened in 1845, and was the first Victorian park to be owned by the public. It is located in the East End of the city and is home to a huge pond. There are numerous attractions to keep the children amused, including a deer park, splash pool, small animal enclosure, and a children's playground. There are also football and cricket pitches and a bowls green, so there's always something in store for everyone. It is also an excellent place for inline skating, among other activities.

The Little Angel Theatre is a fun zone for the kids, with puppetry as the main attraction. Located north of Islington, the theater features shows by local as well as visiting artists. There are string puppets, glove puppets, rod puppets, and others to entertain the children. Some performances are limited to specific age groups. When you visit this place, check out the workshop to get a glimpse into the life of puppets. Come by with your kids to see puppetry in all its forms, and you might enjoy it as much as they do. The theater also hosts performances and events for adults from time to time.

The cheekily named Go Ape! takes you on a thrilling jungle adventure in the lush confines of Trent Park. Take in the sylvan landscape as you zip-line across the forest or go crazy hopping across trees, with their Tarzan Swings. Their sensational skateboard zips are for those seeking an extra dose of thrill. With specially designed courses and activities, kids will have a time of their life at Go Ape! The two courses on offer promise a different adventure on repeat visits.

Housing enthralling collections of everything from ethnography to musical instruments, a visit to the Horniman Museum and Gardens is a truly fascinating experience. In addition, the museum also offers an exciting glimpse into the threatened underwater world in the Living Waters Aquarium, where visitors can see a rich variety of creatures in pond, lake and sea environments. The Horniman Gardens complete the list of attractions. Originally part of Frederick Horniman's home, the Gardens have plenty to offer the visitor. During the summer months, there are numerous concerts held here, with entertainment facilities for younger visitors. Admission to the museum & gardens is free.

The Polka Theatre for Children is exclusively reserved for children's productions, showcasing in-house productions as well as hosting national and international theater groups. Workshops, courses, and exhibitions complement the schedule of plays, musicals, puppet shows, and more. The main theater seats 300 and the Adventure Theatre, intended for children below the age of six, seats 70. There is also a cafe, a kids play area, and a shop on the premises. A wonderful way to introduce your children to the world of theater.

Founded in 1974, Chickenshed is a theater company with an ethos of inclusion, where everyone is welcomed and valued. The group originally held productions in a chicken shed and, as it expanded, met in church halls. The group moved into its own official theater in 1994, and runs full-scale productions, children and youth theater workshops, educational courses, and outreach across the UK and in Russia.

One of the most well-maintained zoos one can come across, the Whipsnade Zoo is perfect for a fun-filled family day out. The zoo and safari park allows visitors to see and interact with the wildlife while maintaining the natural habitats as closely as possible.From elephants, tigers, leopards, African lions to sea lions, red pandas, penguins etc. you will be transported to the animal world here. A must-visit, this zoo offers spectacular recreational opportunities.

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