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Best for Kids in Malaga

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Home to a massive collection of some of the most famous vintage and modern cars, Museo Automovilistico is a must visit for every automobile enthusiast. Featuring some of the biggest and most popular car brands such as Bentley, Jaguar, Bugatti, Ferrari and RollsRoyce, this is where you will find some of the most iconic and even some rare cars. Divided into ten different sections, the museum takes you on a systematic guide through the evolution of the automobile industry and cars in general.

Mariposario de Benalmádena-Butterfly Park is one of the biggest conservatories in all of Europe to be dedicated solely to butterflies. The garden follows a Thai style of landscaping because it was in Thailand that butterfly culture first started. Over 1500 different species of butterflies can be found fluttering about in these gardens. A visit to this place with the whole family is a must while visiting the city.

A beautiful, landscaped garden, La Concepción is home to thousands of different plants, a plethora of birds and a wealth of cultural interests. The botanical garden sustains one of Spain's most diverse collections of palm trees and other subtropical species, as well as numerous exotic plants, arranged thematically across 23 hectares (57 acres). At its core lies a spectacular, historic garden of neoclassical design. Expanded over the years by its owners, the historical garden is replete with intriguing elements of landscape design, riddled with streams and babbling fountains in between greenhouses, waterfalls, and bridges. Interwoven seamlessly into the landscape are a number of architectural gems as well, such as the San Telmo aqueduct, La Casa Palacio, and the Loringian Museum. It opened to the public in June 1994 and is a special place that enchants with its myriad charms.

Muelle Uno (‘Quay One’), in English was established in 2011, and is located in the Malaga Port Area. This grand shopping and commerce zone is home to a number of famous restaurants, retailers and entertainment zones. The most exclusive part of this complex is home to the Michelin – starred restaurant ‘Jose Carlos Garcia’s’. When here, one can hire bikes, pedal cars or Segways and explore the area. A stroll along the tree lined promenades is a must, as if offers beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea and luxury yachts of the super rich. There is a children’s play area that offers a mini golf course, a soft assault course, soft play mats for toddlers. Tourist can get a view of Malaga city from the sea by taking boat trips out into the bay.

This is where locals come to swim and sunbathe for hundreds of years. You'll also find upmarket beach clubs, a naval club, numerous snack bars selling freshly grilled sardines and one of the city's smartest restaurants - Antonio Martín. The water is clean and clear and it continues to attract lots of people, even on sunny days in winter when hardy swimmers arrive to take their first strokes of the year. There are lifeguards, showers and public toilets.

The fascinating world of music is filled with melodies and soft tunes. At the Museo Interactivo de la Música de Málaga, you get to revel in the musical charades. Music is more than your regular peppy and foot-tapping chart busters. Rhythm, tempo and meter add depth to the tune and give a character to the sound. This museum houses some rare collection of instruments from Europe and emphasizes on visitor interactivity and sensitivity to sound. Encouraging visitors to participate in varied activities, by introducing interactive instruments and medium, is what sets this museum apart from the rest. It houses nearly 300 instruments belonging to diverse eras, countries and cultures. These state-of-the-art equipments aid in educating people and help them utilize their sensory powers. Do tour the museum and explore the power of listening; a communication tool often ignored.

Centro de Ciencia Principia has a planetarium, display rooms and laboratories for carrying out experiments. The objective is to make scientific knowledge available to the public in an entertaining way but without "dumbing down". The museum is divided into three major subject areas. The display room has 70 interactive modules where you can learn facts about many natural phenomena. The Faraday room allows visitors to experiment in electrostatics, mechanics and optics. The planetarium offers a fantastic journey through outer space among the stars of both hemispheres.

The Sea-life underwater park is located in one of the most wonderful marinas along the Costa del Sol. Here you can dive into the ocean depths, where you will find more than 5,000 creatures, from dangerous sharks to lovely sea horses. In short, you will see many of the species that live in the waters on our planet. More than thirty fascinating windows and a lot of demonstrations, presentations and conferences will help you get to know these marine creatures and how they live!

A visit to the Selwo Marina might just turn out to be very interesting, for you as this place is not a mere ordinary park but a fauna park. This park exhibits and holds most of the fauna animals from all of South America. Spread over 1,67 hectares of space this park you can look at beauties like the sea lion and the dolphins. Besides there is also the exhibit area and a performance area for some rare birds and animals that are housed here and the management holds regular shows with them. However the most interesting attraction of this aqua museum and the reason for its fame is the Dolphinarium and Ice Penguinarium which are the only surviving animals in their entire species. If you want to know more about the aquatic animals in the park or know the other visiting details of the park, browse through their website or call at +34 902 19 048.

Noria Mirador Princess is a 70 meter high Ferris wheel located in the center of the city. One of the biggest Ferris wheels in all of Europe, it opened in 2015 and provides breathtaking views of the city on its slow rise and descent. The wheel has 42 cubicles, each of which is air conditioned and holds up to eight passengers. However, you can also book a cabin for yourself. The entire ride spans a duration of 15 minutes.

If you are looking for treating your kids to a fantastic sea life tour, then Sea Life Benalmadena is the place to be. This small sized aquarium is right by the harbor of Benalmadena, and has different sections within the Aquarium, each offering a wonderful experience. The Aquarium offers visitors a personal experience like, holding crabs and touching starfishes, feeding demonstrations, and a close look at rare aquatic animals like sea horses, piranhas, nautilus, octopus, small sized sharks, giant turtles and stingrays. A walk through the underwater tunnel is the major highlight of the visit to the Aquarium. Tourist can book their tickets online, which are cheaper, and also choose the day of their visit according to their convenience.

Has there ever been a time when you wouldn't want to get into the water and splash around like a ten year old? Guess not. If that is the case then the Aqualand Torremolinos is not something you should give a miss. Splash around and play from dawn to dusk and be the water baby you want to be. Also get to ride some of the more adrenaline pumping rides such as the Boomerang and the Kamikaze.

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