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Best Local Scene in Maui

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With its seemingly endless expanse of golden sand beach and perfect bodysurfing waves, the Makena State Park is a must-see. Big Beach is the number one spot for sunbathing and swimming. Little Beach, a five-minute hike up and over rocks, is a world-famous nude beach. The surrounding environs are perfect for a hike that offers splendid views of the deep blue ocean

The "Kams," as they are known, span about a mile along the coast of South Kihei. On sunny days, the Kams fill up with adults, kids and entire groups of all ages. Frisbees sail, stereos blast, and tiny children splash in the equally tiny waves. The small waves create an easy spot to launch from for ocean kayaking fun. While these beaches are often disparaged as being too crowded or too dirty, they are head and shoulders above any mainland beach. The grass is green, the sand is soft and the sun is seemingly always out.

If you visit downtown Lahaina, you are sure to come across this tree and if you did not plan on visiting downtown Lahaina, you should change your plans just to explore this major landmark. The tree is well over 100 years old, and will probably endure for hundred more years. It is 60 feet (18.38 meters) high and covers 200 feet (60.96 meters) of space. With 12 trunks and several hundred drooping branches, it looks more like a miniature jungle than anything else. Locals make crafts under its shade, kids swing from the branches and tourists stare in amazement.

Tightly bound to the lissome eastern coastline of Maui, the iconic Road to Hana navigates through a motley of mesmerizing scenery, all packed into a 64.4 mile (103.6 kilometer) long drive that extends from Kahului to Hana. Around every corner, there is a slice of deep azure waters to encounter, a variegated expanse of close-knit jungles that hold mysterious worlds, and an enchanting mix of waterfalls, beaches and jade groves that are a mere hairpin-curve away. As one drives along the merrily winding coastline, frothy waves kick and crash against the side of the steep cliff, and nature's sounds lead the way. As many as 600 curves are wrapped into the serpentine embrace of this scenic road, and nearly 59 one-lane bridges mark the roadway. While this uninterrupted highway to Hawaii heaven and its deep cliffside curves may have one's stomach in knots, the visual reward that remains a constant throughout the journey caps off this remarkable drive.

Nestled on sweeping north coast of Maui, Paia is a sleepy beach town infused with a laid-back aura. With a gorgeous beach that is endowed with soft, white sand and the turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean, this place is synonymous with a tropical, sun-soaked wonderland. This pristine beach is lined with a wealth of restaurants where seafood specials are popular on all the menus as freshly-caught fish is served here everyday. Similarly, the Paia Fish Market is a frenzied destination brimming with diverse kinds of fishes, whereas the local shopping scene of the town is where merchants display their most unique artifacts and collectibles. In addition to food, shopping and fun, Paia's spiritual side can be best explored at the Paia Mantokuji Soto Zen Mission. While the picturesque Paia beach imbues unparalleled natural beauty, Paia's downtown, lined with colorful cabins, surf shops and boutiques, is a place which comes alive with a mosaic of arts, culture and a vibrant, touristy tenor.

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