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Basel Town Hall

Dating back to the 14th century, the towers of the Rathaus or Town Hall, dominate the skyline of Basel. Through the centuries, this building underwent a series of renovations being expanded and painted over by the artist Hans Bock. The present-day Rathaus has mixed elements of Art Nouveau style and the Renaissance Style. An often photographed building, this place is crowded anytime with curious tourists and passersby.

Schloss Ebenrain

Located in the Swiss town of Sissach, the Ebenrain Castle is a historical site with a nationally significant heritage status. It features beautiful architecture with a thatched roof and blue french windows. Today it is a publicly owned mansion which is used for art exhibitions, concerts, cultural events and other functions. An agricultural school is housed in its premises as well.


A vast stretch of lush green grass and trees, Margarethenpark is a great place to seek peaceful respite from your daily life.The expansive park beckons with its walking paths, meadows and forests but it's really all about the skateboarding. The park's Kunsteisbahn is a popular venue for ice skating, skateboarding and other things of that nature. Make sure that you are bundled up in warm clothing as the weather can get really frosty.

Porte Saint-Pierre

To enjoy the rustic architecture of the houses and the quaint, cobbled streets of Saint-Ursanne, one must go through the Porte Saint-Pierre. Built in the 16th century, the gabled gate with its own clock tower has a unique beauty of its own. After passing through the arch, visitors are transported to the timeless realm of Saint-Ursanne.

Mittlere Brücke

The Mittlere Brücke, or the Middle Bridge, has come to be an iconic symbol of the city of Basel. The bridge is one of the oldest to span the river Rhine, and is a splendid example of historic architecture and urban design. Although believed to have been built in 1226, the origins of the bridge have been lost in time and its exact date of construction is unknown. Over time, the Mittlere Brücke grew in prominence as an important crossing point for local trade, and later for international trade. In 1905, a new bridge was constructed to replace the historic Mittlere Brücke, although the old bridge still stands as a symbol of the city. For a time, convicts were executed by drowning at the bridge, and a reconstruction of the original Käppelijoch and bridge chapel can be found here today. Several sculptures and public art work can be found around the bridge including Carl Burckhardt's unfinished Amazone, and Ludwig Stocker's Lagerstätte near the first pillar on the Kleinbasel side.

St. Peter's Church

The Peterskirche was first documented in 1219, although there had been a religious building on the site during the Carolingian period. The oldest remaining parts of the church, the west wall and the choir's area, come from the middle of the 13th Century. The nave was built at least a hundred years later. In the following years there were a whole catalogue of alterations. In the 15th Century, a sandstone tower was added and there are Gothic murals from circa 1360 in the southern aisle.

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