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Top Rated Attracties in Caracas

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Galería Dimaca

This gallery was a natural development from the well-known picture framing shop of the same name. It covers an ample spectrum of contemporary artists and types of materials used in artistic expression. Renowned names like Mateo Manaure, Oswaldo Vigas, Manuel Cabré, Jesus Soto and Carlos Cruz Díez are present. The works exhibited include such varied formats as drawings, collages, sculptures, engravings, lithographs, mixographs and serigraphs, as well as materials like iron, marble, bronze, acrylic, paper or wood normally form part of the exhibitions. Admission is free.

Galería Acquavella

In Venezuela, Acquavella is synonymous with the concept of art gallery, since it is one of the oldest institutions of this type in the country. Founded in 1954, it makes use of all the technological resources available to project its work worldwide. At its website, you can access the latest exhibition in case you have not been able to see it at the gallery. Acquavella has been the home to and promoter of works by important Venezuelan painters, such as Cabré, Castillo, Golding and Monasterios. It continually presents collective and individual exhibitions. At the web site, information about 14 permanent collections may also be found. Admission is free.

Galería de Arte Nacional (GAN)

This museum was opened in 1976, and is devoted to the preservation and exhibition of works by Venezuelan artists from Colonial times to present day. The Permanent Collection includes relevant names from the 19th Century like Arturo Michelena, Cristobal Rojas, Martin Tovar y Tovar and Tito Salas; among later artists are Francisco Narvaez and Hector Poleo, plus a vast selection of works by Armando Reveron. Present Venezuelan art is represented by Alejandro Otero, Francisco Hung, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Jacobo Borges, Regulo Perez, Meyer Vaisman and other great creators. The museum also presents temporary exhibitions coming from public or private collections.

Birthplace of the Liberator Simón Bolívar

Tucked away off one of the streets near Plaza Bolivar, the birthplace of El Libertador Simon Bolivar is no longer the tranquil house it once was due to its current popularity. Known as Casa Natal del Libertador, a visit to this quaint 17th Century house is like travelling back int time to the colonial era. A single story house, the Casa opens up to beautiful courtyards and patios. While its architecture is largely Spanish Colonial, the front facade is built in stone which differs from more characteristic colonial houses. The corridors, antique furniture and chambers depict Bolivar's journey from being a child to becoming Venezuela's most prominent national leader. Artwork by Tito Salas depicting Bolivar's significant life events are displayed inside the house. This house is a labyrinth of memories and a peek into the life of one of the most celebrated heroes of Venezuela.

Centro de Cultura Corp Banca

This institution surpasses the definition of art gallery because it is (as denoted by its name) a nucleus of cultural activity, and one that many Caracans still identify with its original sponsor, Banco Consolidado. When the financial institution (Banco Consolidado) changed ownership, it also changed its name, so this cultural center adopted the new name as well, Corp Banca. The activities include not only exhibitions, but also guided tours, audiovisual projections and meetings with national and foreign art critics. Admission is free.

Catedral Metropolitana de Caracas

The Catedral Metropolitana de Caracas is more modest than others on the continent but its well-preserved ornate detailing has great artistic value. The site was the location of an earlier church, built in 1567, when the city was founded. The construction of the present building was begun in 1665 after the previous church was destroyed by an earthquake in 1661. Simón Bolívar was baptized here in 1873, and the remains of his parents and wife lay here as well. This magnificent temple houses a great collection of valuable religious works of art.

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