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Top Rated Attracties in Champagne & Brie Region

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Walt Disney Studios

Secondary to Disneyland Paris park, Walt Disney Studios opened in 2002 and gives visitors a "behind-the-scenes" look at the magic of filmmaking. Organized into 4 different lots, as in movie lots, the park offers families a variety of attractions for all ages. For the little ones, there is Toy Story Playland with rides and attractions from the beloved film. For the older kids, there is an Aerosmith-theme rollercoaster, the deathly Tower of Terror and the thrilling Moteurs Action! live action stunt show. Everyone will enjoy taking a trip back in time and strolling through Hollywood Boulevard during the golden age of film.

Château de Vaux le Vicomte

This château has two significantly inspired events. One was the tragic downfall of Fouquet, a minister who paid the price of life imprisonment because King Louis XIV was jealous of his beautiful château. And under the influence of Fouquet, Vaux-le-Vicomte became a haven for French artists, writers and sculptors who gave their all for the glory of the residence. Check the website for information on the different visits. There is a candlelight visit that is going to be apt for all the lovebirds. Hours vary throughout the year and you can buy passes for more than one day; see the website or call for more information.

Sacré-Cœur Basilica

The Romano-Byzantine Sacre Coeur Basilica overlooks Montmartre, one of Paris's most picturesque districts. Its distinctive travertine stone dome rises up over the rooftops, allowing visitors to the basilica the perfect vantage point from which to survey the city. Within Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, often called Sacré-Cœur, visitors will find several interesting sites, including a mosaic of Christ, an elegant organ constructed by Aristide Cavaillé-Coll, and a crypt. Commissioned by the Catholic Church, construction began in 1875 under the watchful eye of architect Paul Abadie, and was finally completed in 1914.


Located in the centre of the city within the Palais de Justice complex on the Île de la Cite, the Sainte-Chapelle (Holy Chapel) is a small Gothic chapel constructed in the Rayonnant style. Built by King Louis IX from 1238-1244, the chapel housed holy relics from the Passion believed to be Jesus' Crown of Thorns and a piece of the True Cross. These items were purchased from the Byzantine emperor Baldwin II in 1239 for a huge sum of 135,000 Livres (the church cost 40,000 livres to build) due to the King's desire to elevate France as the leader of Western Christianity. The Sainte-Chapelle provides visitors with a spectacular visual experience since the entire upper tier of the chapel is surrounded by enormous stained glass windows.

Musée d'Orsay

Bijna 2,5 miljoen bezoekers komen hierheen om de grootste collectie van impressionistische kunst te aanschouwen, die te vinden is in het prachtige Musée dÓrsay. Het gebouw zelf wordt Gare d'Orsay genoemd en is gebouwd voor de Wereldtentoonstelling van 1900. Tijdens de tweede wereldoorlof werd het gebruikt om gevangenen die bevrijd waren te verwelkomen. Eens, toen het treinstation (the Gare) niet meer gebruikt werd en het ernaast gelegen hotel gesloten werd in 1973, dreigde het gebouw gesloopt te worden. Echter, er werd besloten om het in plaats daarvan te transformeren om dienst te kunnen doen als een plek voor kunst uit de tweede helft van de 19e eeuw. Het werd geinaugureerd in 1986 onder auspicieen van Francois Mitteran. De voornaamste gallerij van de begane grojng, 138 meter lang (453 feet) en 32 meter hoog (105 feet) is een herrinnering aan de vroegere functie van het gebouw. Onder de meesterwerken in deze gallerij zijn de schandalige Enterrement à Ornans door Gustave Courbet en de Glaneuses door Jean-François Millet. Fans van het impressionisme moeten direct naar de vijfde verdieping, waar werken van de grote meesters van dit genre zijn opgehangen in gallerij 29 tot 48. Decoratieve kunst is een paar verdiepingen lager te vinden, zeker de moeite waard om te bezoeken voor de indrukwekkende collectie van Art Nouveau. Vergeet ook niet een blik te werpen op het prachtige Hotel Le BelleChasse, dat op loopafstand hiervandaan is.

Eiffel Tower

Underneath the glaze of the Parisian sky, the Eiffel Tower captures the dazzling spirit of its French capital. A magnificent wrought iron lattice tower that was originally built as an entrance to the 1889 World's Fair, the tower was designed by Gustave Eiffel after his inspiration was fueled by the pyramidal form of Egypt's historic landmarks. This comparison was met with ardent disapproval from several eminent Frenchmen before the tower came to be the celebrated global icon that it is known as today. At a stunning height of 324 meters (1,063 feet), the Eiffel Tower dominates the skyline as the city's tallest, and the country's second-tallest freestanding structure. Its majestic form sports three shades – darkest at the lowest level and colored in a light contrast as the tower ambles up to the top – an illusory mechanism adopted so as to complement its surroundings. The Eiffel Tower is one of the most winning sights in all of France, and even after more than a century, people continue to extol this monumental symbol of architectural beauty.

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