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Top Rated Attracties in Reykjavik

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Hitt Húsið

Hitt Húsið is a cultural center located in Reykjavík. It has been established to promote cultural youth activities and hosts the Unglist, a festival where young artists celebrate their youth and their art. The center is a hub for variety of genres of art that range from music, design, photography, dance, fashion, and films. Call for additional information.


Heiðmörk is an extremely popular recreational area. Whether it's for a nice walk in the outdoors with the whole family, jogging, or a romantic picnic 'á deux' this is the right spot! In 1949 the Reykjavík Forestry Station began systematic planting in Heiðmörk and since then, every summer thousands of trees are planted. If you have a special interest in plants or birds (or both) you will find a great variety of them in Heiðmörk.

Sundhöll Hafnarfjarðar

Picture this: A dull day, icy winds beating on your face, and time on your hands. Where do you go? Well you can venture into one of the many thermal pools in the city or outskirts that cater to tourists and locals. Sundholl offers saunas, solaria, indoor and outdoor pools and hot pots. And it's Ladies' Night on Tuesday and Thursdays from 8p-9p!

Icelandic Opera House

Íslenska Óperan (The Icelandic Opera House) is located in a beautiful old building in the heart of Reykjavík. The house used to be a movie theatre but was changed into an opera house and concert hall in 1982. The decor inside has been kept in its original state so the house has a unique charm. The Opera House is very sought after for musical events, and concerts here are classical and contemporary alike. Call for event timings and additional information.


This sparkly, hip restaurant called Iðnó is located in an old theatre, and still functions as such, offering some of the best shows on offer in Reykjavík. Overlooking the pond, complete with birds and baby birds, this is the place for an idyllic view of the old city center. To be particularly recommended for late dinners. The menu is interesting, with a variety of Icelandic seafood and lamb dishes and some international main courses. The ground floor has a coffee house/bar and a little veranda, where guests can enjoy the quacking birdlife and feed hungry ducks and elegant swans with breadcrumbs.

Menningar - og listamiðstöð Hafnarfjarðar (Hafnarborg Cultural Center)

Hafnarfjörður town has in recent years put stock in creating a cultural presence for itself. Hafnarborg is Hafnarfjörður town's municipal museum and gallery, as well as serving as a cultural center. Located in a beautifully renovated house in the center of Hafnarfjörður, this museum has from the first shown ambition and flair, housing frequent exhibitions each year, showcasing established and recent Icelandic artists, as well as interesting and progressive international art. As a cultural center Hafnarborg also hosts concerts and lectures. Admission is free on Fridays.

0,6 17 3 1 5,7,6 F-TA25 Eco-friendly F-TA25|eco-friendly|Milieuvriendelijk [["Hitt H\u00fasi\u00f0","64.147743326169","-21.938207321602","https:\/\/\/assets\/images\/google_markers\/dark_blue_circle.png","","","P\u00f3sth\u00fasstr\u00e6ti 3-5, Reykjavik, 101","https:\/\/\/nl\/reykjavik\/240159-hitt-h\u00fasi\u00f0"],["Hei\u00f0m\u00f6rk","64.065159508914","-21.765072271426","https:\/\/\/assets\/images\/google_markers\/dark_blue_circle.png","","","Hei\u00f0m\u00f6rk, Reykjavik, 108","https:\/\/\/nl\/reykjavik\/252450-hei\u00f0m\u00f6rk"],["Sundh\u00f6ll Hafnarfjar\u00f0ar","64.072563433975","-21.968193559606","https:\/\/\/assets\/images\/google_markers\/dark_blue_circle.png","","","Herj\u00f3lfsgata 10, Reykjavik, 220","https:\/\/\/nl\/reykjavik\/330941-sundh\u00f6ll-hafnarfjar\u00f0ar"],["Icelandic Opera House","64.146869061955","-21.933415943899","https:\/\/\/assets\/images\/google_markers\/dark_blue_circle.png","","","P\u00f3sth\u00f3lf 1416, Reykjavik, 121","https:\/\/\/nl\/reykjavik\/240754-icelandic-opera-house"],["I\u00f0n\u00f3","64.145810382634","-21.939990000976","https:\/\/\/assets\/images\/google_markers\/dark_blue_circle.png","","","Vonarstr\u00e6ti 3, Reykjavik, 101","https:\/\/\/nl\/reykjavik\/231461-i\u00f0n\u00f3"],["Menningar - og listami\u00f0st\u00f6\u00f0 Hafnarfjar\u00f0ar (Hafnarborg Cultural Center)","64.063936905053","-21.957669945642","https:\/\/\/assets\/images\/google_markers\/dark_blue_circle.png","","","Strandgata 34, Hafnarfj\u00f6r\u00f0ur, 220","https:\/\/\/nl\/reykjavik\/251527-menningar-og-listami\u00f0st\u00f6\u00f0-hafnarfjar\u00f0ar-hafnarborg-cultural-center"]] adayincity 240159,252450,330941,240754,231461,251527 6 0 1 Attractions
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