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Best Local Products & Souvenirs in Okinawa

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Owners of Portriver Market believe the the concept of living the good life, and the products that we use daily have a keen role to play in that. Be it attractive decor or good food, all of that counts to for a pleasant mind and happy life. Thus, the shop sells attractive earthenware, porcelain ware, products made of Ryukyu glass, to name a few. They also have cosmetics and jewelery, and food products and drinks that are all natural and organic. The boutique-like setting renders a very homespun ambience to the shop, and the shopping experience is an intimate one.

At Flagship, you will find a huge selection of traditional Okinawan products. Expect to see everything from ceramics to clothing, accessories, art and gifts. It is the perfect place to snag a memento from your time in Japan or to pick up a traditional, unique gift.

Ceramic ware lovers simply must visit Tsuboya, Naha City’s pottery district. Also known as Tsuboya Yachimun Street, the avenue is lined with pottery stores, workshops, and studios, all of which add to the area’s nostalgic feel. In addition to the opportunities to shop and visit galleries, visitors can also go to the Tsuboya Pottery Museum as well, to learn more in depth history of ceramics and its place in Okinawan culture.

The Yomitan Pottery Village offers a unique look into traditional Okinawan pottery and craftsmanship. The village is home to over 45 workshops and boutiques specializing in everything from traditional unglazed Ryukyuan ceramics to the more modern glazed pottery. These unique pieces are sold in small shops in the village itself. From everyday delicate crockery like teacups and saucers to more decorative pieces like the "shisha" or Japanese guard dog to ward off evil, there is something here for every budget and taste. This is a wonderful place to appreciate the fine art of pottery making firsthand and experience an integral part of Okinawan culture.

Glass House in the Forest is a studio and shop where people can come to witness Ryukyuan artisans create glassware. Not only do they get to see this phenomenon firsthand, visitors also get to try it out at the Ryukyu Glass Workshops. There is also a store where people can pick and choose among over 200 variegated kinds of vitreous creations. The workshops cost JPY1300 for student/groups and JPY1500 for general admission.

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