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While we do our best to ensure the accuracy of our listings, some venues may be currently temporarily closed without notice. Please confirm status on the venue website before making any plans.

Best Pubs in Oslo

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Oslo has several soccer teams, but it is only Vålerenga that is able to make people raise their voices, shake their heads in disgust, cry or laugh. Through years of scandals this working-class team has been able to come back again and again. Their fans, called "the Clan," populate a few pubs around town, Bohemen being one of them. Several TV screens make sure that everyone who has an interest in soccer is able to get a good view; the beer is cheap, and the atmosphere open and welcoming. If you want to see what real Norwegian soccer fans look like, Bohemen is the place to go.

At a first glance, Oslo Mikrobryggeri seems a very regular and cozy pub. However, after receiving your beverage and sitting down in the dark and wooden interior you'll taste the unusually fresh and strong punch of your beverage, and you'll notice the brewing kettles in plain sight. Then it will hit you. The microbrewery's own beer is produced in its tiny brewery in the cellar, and the quality is excellent. Be aware that the level of alcohol at this establishment is a bit more aggressive than in most other Norwegian beers. Oslo Mikrobryggeri is not located on Bogstadveien as its address states, but on one of its side streets. It is easy to find once you are aware of this.

For many, this is the Irish pub in Oslo. The Dubliner was one of the first Irish pubs to establish itself in the city, and it has become a beloved part of the city's nightlife. Every Tuesday and Saturday the pub hosts jam-session nights - musicians come by and play for a pint of Guinness. The customers are a nice blend of Irish and British people and Norwegians from all layers of society. Stockbrokers meet the guys on the floor (so to speak) for a pint and an entertaining evening. Rumor also has it that The Dubliner has the best Irish coffee ever sold in this country. If you want a seat during weekends, show up early.

Revolver is a nightclub at which well known artistes regularly perform. Companies and private individuals can hire the premises for events; music and catering is taken care of by the meticulous staff. Traditional delicious Norwegian food is served along with a wide choice of alcoholic beverages. On Sundays you can have an English meal and listen to soothing music in the lounge around the bar area. Check the website for schedule of events and further details.

Beer Palace opened its doors in 1993, and since then has been delighting guests with delicious brews. Nestled in a historical building in Aker Brygge and surrounded in red brick walls, this place has a typical old world charm to it. With more than 30 varieties of brews on tap and a vast selection of bottled beers to choose from, Beer Palace boasts of housing one of the largest selection of beers in the city. If ever in dilemma regarding a choice, the amicable bartender will help you with a selection. Entertaining events like quiz competitions, live bands and more, add the spark to this place.

Located in the heart of Karl Johans, Sir Winston is one of the most loved places in the neighborhood. This English bar will offer some of the best beers and wines available. Choose from the extensive variety of 21 beers and enjoy in the beautiful beer garden. The interior ambiance is dim lit with a traditional English decor and absolutely comfortable seating. The piano bar only adds a sweet charm to this place. Offering wifi too, their prices are quite reasonable, considering a bar in Oslo. Check out the website or call ahead for detailed information.

Traditionally a meeting place for artists, it has recently become popular with a mixed crowd of musicians, bohemians, actors and students. Lorry has close to 200 different beers, a good Norwegian menu and a buzzing atmosphere. There are comfy leather sofas and the art on the wall exudes elegance. Lorry is located very close to the Royal Palace. Those wishing to combine culinary and artistic experiences will also find Kunstnernes Hus and Asur gallery nearby.

The Scotsman is almost impossible to describe. A huge Scottish bar on Oslo's main street, it is populated by party-goers from Oslo, truck drivers, sports fans and tourists, all in the warm atmosphere created by the leather furniture, wood-panelled walls and a reasonably successful Scottish interior. The Scotsman is probably the country's most famous pub, a safe starting-point for anyone who wants a beer but does not know the city. The place serves pizza, but if you are feeling hungry it is a better idea to visit the Angus Steakhouse in the cellar. Vegetarians are advised to go elsewhere to seek their food. Visit the website for further details.

There are things that are more important than music, you will say. More important than dancing, talking, drinking. Are you thinking soccer? Andy's is one of a few pubs in Oslo where the real action does not happen at night, but around 4p on Saturdays and Sundays (later on some weekdays). Andy's is lively and welcoming to all soccer-lovers. The prices are reasonable and the atmosphere is just as good as that at a match. In short, Andy's is a great place to stop by if you enjoy soccer or enjoy watching people who watch soccer. Check out the website for more.

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