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Best Free Museums in Portland

por: Cityseeker
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Wells Fargo Museum

The Wells Fargo Museum in Portland provides an engaging glimpse into the history of the financial services company, Wells Fargo. The exhibits in the museum specifically address the ways in which the company established itself in the region and portray its fascinating early days. Located close to other popular attractions in the city, the Wells Fargo Museum provides interactive activities, temporary exhibitions and guided tours as well. Admission is free to the museum, and they regularly organize cultural and educational events.

Portland, OR, Estados Unidos
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Oregon Rail Heritage Center (ORHC)

Deeply embedded in Portland's rich history, Oregon Rail Heritage Center (ORHC) attempts to preserve the essence of the early transportation industry. Large steam rails, vintage passenger cars and other such paraphernalia make up the exhibits. The functional rails are used for various tours and offer a chance to experience some old world glory. Soak up some of the local culture for free at this aptly named the heritage center.

Portland, OR, Estados Unidos
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Historic Belmont Firehouse

The history of the Portland fire department dates back more than 150 years. The department came into existence in the 19th Century and has been serving the community of Portland since. The Historic Belmont Firehouse is a testament to the heritage of firefighting in Portland. The firehouse building has undergone renovation many times but still manages to hold on to its historic charm. Inside the building is the Jeff Morris Fire Museum, which has displays of many kinds of firefighting equipment. Unlike other museums where touching exhibits are strictly prohibited, you can touch and handle several of these artifacts to understand how they work. Some interesting elements include the Jeffers Sidestroke Handpump Fire Engine from 1859 and the Hose Cart from 1860. Timelines of the milestones of the fire department's history adorn the walls and an audio guide is also available for those who want additional information.

Portland, OR, Estados Unidos
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