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While we do our best to ensure the accuracy of our listings, some venues may be currently temporarily closed without notice. Please confirm status on the venue website before making any plans.

Best Historic Locations in Champagne & Brie Region

por: Cityseeker
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Le Palais Épiscopal

This was once the residence of Jacques-Benigne Bossuet during his time serving as a French Bishop in Meaux. The building was constructed in the 12th Century, long before Bossuet actually lived there, however visitors can still see his tombstone on the grounds. There are tours that operate around the palace, including the cathedral and the gardens, that give background to the difference architectural styles that dominate the building. The residence was in constant construction from the 12th Century all the way up until the 17th Century with the completion of major changes on the lower level. In 1927, the building was listed as a historic landmark and has since housed the Bossuet Museum.

Meaux, França
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Commanderie des Templiers

Constructed in 1172, this 'Commanderie' began as a an agricultural community of monks whose proceeds went to fund the crusades. By 1307 the pope ordered that the village become a hospital. Simply put, this village is a historical landmark that has endured hundreds of years of religious and political strife. In 1964, the village was threatened by the expansion of urban zoning but was saved by a local association that signed a 99 year lease. For the last 30 years volunteers have been maintaining the site. Thanks to Les Ateliers de Techniques Anciennes, who have been leading workshops on ancient building restoration, the Commanderie des templiers stands strong.

Coulommiers, França
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Les Cryptes Saint Paul et Saint Ebrégésile

The crypts Saint Paul and Saint Ebrégésile, better known as the Jouarre crypts, are some of the best preserved crypts from the early middle ages. The crypt Saint Agilbert was founded in the year 660, and contains three sarcophagi of it's original founders. Please check the website for seasonal timings.

Jouarre, França
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Château de Vaux le Vicomte

This château has two significantly inspired events. One was the tragic downfall of Fouquet, a minister who paid the price of life imprisonment because King Louis XIV was jealous of his beautiful château. And under the influence of Fouquet, Vaux-le-Vicomte became a haven for French artists, writers and sculptors who gave their all for the glory of the residence. Check the website for information on the different visits. There is a candlelight visit that is going to be apt for all the lovebirds. Hours vary throughout the year and you can buy passes for more than one day; see the website or call for more information.

Maincy, França
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