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Best Performing Arts in Sochi

por: Cityseeker
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Organ and Chamber Music Hall (Zal Organnoi i Kamernoi Muziki)

The Organ and Chamber Music Hall is a state-of-the-art music venue that hosts concerts, musicals, and other performances. The hall has great acoustics, which is why it is the venue of choice for highly esteemed classical performers. The outside foyer is often used for workshops, exhibitions, and various cultural events. The garden within the complex adds charm to the place with its lush green stretch and beautiful flowers all around.

Sochi, Federação Russa
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Festivalny Concert Hall (Koncertny Zal Festivalny)

Built in 1979, the Festivalny Concert Hall is one of the most important concert venues in the city. It hosts a variety of events ranging from operas and ballets to musical performances and cultural festivals. With a capacity to accommodate 2,500 spectators, Festivalny is always buzzing with activity. State-of-the-art lighting and acoustics ensure that all spectators enjoy the spectacular shows sans any hassle.

Sochi, Federação Russa
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Zimny Teatr (Winter Theater)

The Zimny Teatr (Winter Theater) is an iconic structure in the heart of Sochi. It was built in the late 1930s in a neoclassical style. The theater has a capacity of almost 1000 people. It holds classical and jazz concerts, plays, dance performances, and poetry readings.

Sochi, Federação Russa
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