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Best Secondhand Shops in San Francisco

por: Cityseeker
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Held Over

Pick an era, any era. What is clever about this vintage store is that it separates its clothing by decade so if you know what you are looking for, you do not have to waste time combing through endless racks. This Haight Street store is rather large and has oh-so-many clothes, everything from old school Mickey Mouse sweatshirts and camouflage fatigues from the 80s, to swinger skirts and zoot-suit pants. There is no skimping on accessories here, you will find ties, feather boas, wigs, sunglasses, bags and more.

São Francisco, CA, Estados Unidos
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Buffalo Exchange

A fixture of the Northwest's secondhand clothing circuit for over 20 years, Buffalo Exchange opened its San Francisco location more than five years ago. The Upper Haight store gives second lives to the boxes, backpacks and garbage bags of clothes, retro and not, brought in by customers daily. This is just as good a place to shop for a pair of khakis as for bell-bottom jeans, and the prices are close to unbeatable. The hip and friendly staff can help you find just the right look for you.

São Francisco, CA, Estados Unidos
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Based in a vintage warehouse, Wasteland is an iconic secondhand clothing store in San Francisco. The staff here always know what the store needs, so do not expect them to do handsprings over just any pair of Brady Bunch bell bottoms when you're selling clothes; because they are so selective, they scrutinize each and every piece of clothing to see that it fits perfectly based on their requirements. Wasteland is also a great place to pick up new-to-you cool retro styled clothing, and chic modern clothing. Also available here are designer labels like Givenchy, Chanel and Marc Jacobs.

São Francisco, CA, Estados Unidos
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Amoeba Music

No music lover's trip to San Francisco would be complete without a visit to this warehouse-sized music store. The Upper Haight store bustles with hundreds of shoppers flipping through vast selections of CDs, records, tapes, videos and posters. The deals on used and yellow tag (cosmetically damaged, functionally guaranteed) items are the best in the city, as is the selection of obscure and independent-label titles.

São Francisco, CA, Estados Unidos
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Green Apple Books

New and used books at low prices are the specialty of this popular Richmond District bookstore. Two dusty floors and an annex two doors down hold hundreds of rare and out-of-print titles, bargain bins, CDs, DVDs, employee reviews and a relaxed atmosphere. You can also trade in your old books for store credit, one more way this store saves you money. The staff here is known throughout the Bay Area for being well-versed in all things books.

São Francisco, CA, Estados Unidos
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