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Best Books, Music & Movies in Frankfurt am Main

por: Cityseeker
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Tresor am Römer

Those who have stumbled upon Tresor am Römer while looking for guide books to simplify their search for popular attractions in Frankfurt am Main are sure to be pleasantly surprised by what the store actually has on offer. This is a bookstore famed for its historical prints dating back to the 15th Century; on these shelves, you will be able to find anything from tomes on natural sciences and geography to literature and religion. You can also buy decorative prints here.

Frankfurt, Alemanha
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Hugendubel, the Bavarian book giant, continues to expand its empire. As the centre for the book trade in West Germany, Frankfurt acquired its own Hugendubel megastore some time ago. Spread out over four floors, there's nothing you can't get here. While the place is fairly busy, there are also quiet corners for thumbing and browsing through books. You also don't need to search for long here, as the friendly assistants will always point you in the right direction. The second-hand department has many recent titles. There is also a department for computer software which is especially good for languages, law and other academic areas.

Frankfurt, Alemanha
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Not a place for mainstream, best sellers, or diet books, this book shop focuses on high quality literature for intellectuals. Books by classic German authors-such as Goethe or Schiller-can be found next to contemporary works. The relaxed atmosphere makes you want to linger and browse through the enticing display. Autorenbuchhandlung organizes regular discussions and readings by local authors.

Frankfurt, Alemanha
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Founded some 20 years ago, this bookshop stocks a broad range of children's books, videos, cassettes and CD-ROMs as well as a range of toys and bits and bobs for the nursery. But that's not all: Tatzelwurm offers readings, PC demonstrations, research courses and consulting on teaching software. Wow! That's service!

Frankfurt, Alemanha
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