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Best Health/Organic Food Restaurants in San Francisco

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Peña Pachamama on Powell Street is an unusual restaurant for more than a few reasons. It serves a vibrant South American fare, with a nod towards exotic Bolivian preparations. Best known for the exceedingly healthy yet delicious renditions of classic Latin recipes, the eatery prides itself in using only the freshest and top quality ingredients available - organic whenever possible. Peña Pachamama is also a big believer in Raw Foodism, and a haven for vegan/vegetarians in the Telegraph Hill area. Apart from some of the most delectable food in the neighborhood, Peña Pachamama also offers a range of fantastic Latin American libations such as sangria, mojito and caipariñja with an impressive list of Peruvian and Bolivian beers. They also host live music events and traditional dance performances quite regularly; check the website for more on that.

Mixt Greens is a salad stop not just for tree-huggers and vegans. It is for anyone who wants to mix greens in their everyday diet. The array of green, blue, and red organic veggies, seafood, poultry and eggs assures something for everyone. Apart from salads (named amusingly enough, after the likes of Dagwood and Marley), sandwiches, bottled organic juices, and wines are also available. Also the decor is in keeping with green norms, including the packaging which is made from corn.

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