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Antalya Museum

Deemed to be one of the largest museums in Turkey, the Antalya Museum is also known as Antalya Archaeological Museum. Spread across a vast area of 6967 square meters (75,000 square feet) it comprises 13 exhibition spaces and nearly 5000 artifacts on display. The collection consists of archaeological works and items that represent the Mediterranean and Pamphylia areas of Anatolia, Each of the sections are classified into broad categories like Proto-History Hall, Hall of Small Objects and Hall of Coins. Apart from that, it also has several laboratories, repair shops and conference halls. The museum has also won the famed and prestigious 'European Council Special Prize' in the year 1988.


The remnants of this ancient Greek-Roman city is preserved well and is a major tourist attraction in Antalya. Believed to have flourished in 2nd Century, Aspendos has history written all over. The centerpiece of this astounding destination is the Roman amphitheater which is claimed to be the best preserved in the country and continues to host major events. Another acclaimed aspect of the Ancient City of Aspendos is the coin which is now one of the most priced antique.

Köprülü Canyon

Nestled in the heart of the Köprülü Canyon National Park, Köprülü Canyon is a spellbinding site defined by rugged cliffs and gleaming, aquamarine waters. Dubbed as the ‘Canyon with Bridges’ due to the presence of two bridges (namely Oluklu Bridge and Bugrum Bridge), this sweeping canyon is a picture-perfect Mediterranean paradise. Boasting a length of 14 kilometers (8.7 miles) and a depth of 400 meters (1300 feet), here is where the ancient Roman-built Oluklu Bridge looms over the labyrinthine course of the Kopru River. Fringed by lush vegetation which comprises a delightful fusion of cypresses, cedars, red pines and oaks, the canyon is a breathtaking site where nature unravels some of its most beguiling blue silhouettes. A teeming hotbed of trouts, the canyon site plays host to an array of activities like hiking, trekking, biking, rafting and rock climbing. The area surrounding the canyon is rich with wilderness and a rugged topography inhabited by wildlife including wolves, rabbits, deer, and more.

Düden Waterfalls

A site of unmatched ethereal beauty, this ensemble of angelic-white waterfalls graces the coastal recesses of Antalya. Cascading from a height of 40 meters (131 feet) in the form of pristine, frothy plumes, these waterfalls are birthed due to the confluence of the serene Düden River and the sparkling blue Mediterranean Sea. Ringed by stark, rugged cliffs, enchanting wilderness and the lovely Düden Park which teems with life, these falls tumble down rocky tiers, plunging into turquoise pools. The Upper Düden Falls are an embodiment of nature in all its raw glory, whereas the demure Lower Düden Falls gracefully give in to the mighty sea. Casting a mystical, otherworldly spell on its onlookers, this picture-perfect waterfall collective is a natural crowned jewel of Antalya.

Hadrian's Gate

Built to commemorate the mighty Emperor Hadrian, this arched gateway is one of the most important points of reference in Antalya’s long-standing history. An unforgettable landmark of the city, Hadrian's Gate has retained its original form relatively well. Complete with three archways, this gate stands guard over the city’s spectacular coastline. Richly decorated, the gateway is as much steeped in architectural finesse as it is in legend. Flanked by two sturdy towers on both sides, the gate is beautifully ornamented with intricate carvings, motifs and vaults which are a moving reflection of ancient craftsmanship. The wonderful tapestry of colonnades augments the appeal of the gate further, lending it an allure which is quintessentially Roman. Unfazed and intact through the spirals of time, this magnificent arched gateway stands as a stirring testament to the indelible legacy of Hadrian.


The evocative ruins of Perga showcase the grand scale of this once prosperous capital city. Though most of the ruins can be traced back to the 2nd Century CE, the origins of the city are believed to stretch much beyond this. Among the prominent attractions at the site are the theater, the baths and the grand stadium.

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