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Best Japanese/Sushi in Tel Aviv

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This stylish venue introduces the first conveyor-belt sushi bar in Israel. The passing plates are individually color coded and priced accordingly, the advantage being that one does not have to wait for table service. Nevertheless, the bill can mount up fairly quickly. Fruit, vegetable and fish sushi is accompanied by free servings of wasabi and pickled ginger. The sushi tends to be most frequently chosen dishes, however, the hot tempura dishes are also well worth a try.

Onami is known for its generous portions of Japanese food, and also for the wide selection of sushi it offers (give it a try if you happen to be the adventurous sort!). The high-ceilinged eatery has a pastiche New York interior, with traces of Japanese influences. You can ask the solicitous waitstaff to help with your order; the Agadashi Tofu deserves a special recommendation.

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