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Best for Kids in Tokyo

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Located in Odaiba, on a huge reclaimed area of land in Tokyo Bay developed during the 1980's bubble economy era, the MegaWeb not only has showcase areas for Toyota's latest models and a small car museum, it also boasts one of the largest Ferris Wheels in the world. Peek into the future at Future World. The area is very popular among the trendy youth so expect crowds and queues on weekends.

This magical wonderland is a fitting embodiment of Walt Disney's legacy. Opened in 1983, Tokyo Disneyland was the first Disney theme park to be built outside the United States. The park is centered around the iconic Cinderella Castle, and features a troupe of attractions scattered across numerous themed arenas such as World Bazaar, Adventureland, Westernland, Critter Country, Fantasyland, Toontown and Tomorrowland. In addition, this gargantuan facility is also home to an arsenal of shops and dining facilities. Here, Mickey Mouse, along with his clan of iconic Disney characters, parades around, sparking joy and jubilation among both young and old.

The Tokyo Disney Resort is like a town in itself. Once the visitors come here, they don't want to leave the place as they have everything they can ask for. If you are the adventurous type, then Tokyo Disneyland is for you. Disney Sea is a very romantic park and has state-of-the-art attractions. The resort has a zone for shopping which has more than 120 boutiques, elegant restaurants and a huge shopping mall. Guests can chose from the hotels located inside the resort and have a blast. The theme parks have various events, parades and live shows all round the year. Visit the site for further information.

With Totoro greeting you at the entrance, step inside this colorful and whimsical museum and learn all about Studio Ghibli animations. Stroll through the beautiful exhibits and discover how animated films are created. After learning about the movie process, you can catch the screening of short museum-exclusive films. Kids will love playing on the plush Cat Bus from My Neighbor Totoro and later, you can visit the rooftop garden to see the seven-meter (23 feet) tall statue of Robot Soldier from Laputa Castle in the Sky. Pay a visit to the Ghibli Museum to learn more about an iconic animation studio.

This huge, two-building general science museum was established in 1877 and covers a wide variety of scientific knowledge including the evolution of living things, the Earth's formative history, nature, and astronomy. The giant dinosaur fossil, a moon rock and the stuffed body of Hachiko, the famous loyal Akita dog are some of the unmissable exhibits here. Taxidermy specimens, steam engines and the life of Japanese people are also some of the intriguing permanent exhibitions. If you cannot read Japanese, it is better to bring along a Japanese friend who can translate things for you.

In operation since 2001, The Tokyo DisneySea has become one of the most visited attractions of Japan. The park is the second of its kind to be opened inside the Tokyo Disney Resort and is peculiarly fascinating for the recreated Mediterranean Harbor, New York Harbor and Arabian Coast and fantasy attractions such as the Mysterious Island and Mermaid Lagoon built to enthrall one and all. The gigantic Aqua Sphere water fountain in shape of the earth at the park entrance and the volcanic Mount Prometheus at the center are prominent attractions at this widely popular theme park. If you are in the mood for a memorable day out, then certainly head to the Tokyo DisneySea to spend quality time with your friends and family.

The Suginami Animation Museum is the first museum which promotes the culture of Japaneses anime and entertains every generation with educational and interactive exhibits. Here you can learn a lot about anime, such as the history of anime, the principle of animation, the process of production, and the experience of creating brief anime. They also hold screenings, 4 titles per a day following the schedule.

Just a 15-minute walk from the trendy and youthful town of Kichijoji, this park has enough to keep you interested for a full day. There is a large pond where you can paddle rental boats, a zoo where you can pet some of the caged animals, playground facilities for baseball or Frisbee games with family and friends, and enough space and greenery for an ideal picnic. On weekends the place even comes alive with street musicians and artists. Inokashira Park is also one of the prime locations for viewing the cherry blossoms in late March/early April.

Since this museum was built, the Tokyo Toy Museum has been loved by all generations. It displays about fifteen thousand works, such as toys from around the world and traditional toys from right here in Japan. Visitors can play with most toys in the museum; it will surely be a good time spent with your family. If you wish to learn more, please check the website.

Ueno Zoological Gardens, over a 100 years old, contains a multitude of birds, Siberian tigers, monkeys, gorillas, Giant Pandas, giraffes and other animals from all over the world. A monorail links the two separate areas within the zoo, and there is also a children's petting zoo at the southern end. A pagoda-like structure on one end of the park adds some Japanese history into the mix. Neatly combining history and wildlife, this attraction makes for a particularly rewarding experience for children.

This museum helps you deepen your understanding of science and technology. Here you can learn about various subjects of science, such as the human body, technology, energy, and nature. You can also enjoy a planetarium and dome theater. At the museum shop, you can buy fossils, science journals, and science kits. Overall, you are guaranteed to have a good time at Tamarokuto Science Center with your family.

The land where kids jump with joy at the very sight of famed cartoon characters like Hello Kitty and Cinnamoroll, Sanrio Puroland is a carnivalesque theme park which is fun, magnificent and action-packed. Dotted on the urban landscape of Tama New Town, the park is upheld by the illustrious Sanrio company, which specializes in crafting endearing Japanese characters related to popular media. Playing host to an array of activities, this popular theme park comes alive with Sanrio Character Boat Rides, the Sanrio Parade and a million tinkling fireworks which fervently light the skies above. The park has three theaters — the Fairyland Theater, the Discovery Theater and the Marchen Theater, all of which host popular plays, live acts and other fascinating events. Here is where the lovely Hello Kitty has her own house, which makes for a quirky and quintessential Japanese abode. Puroland is also home to an elaborate store which houses exciting products centered around famous Japanese cartoon characters owned by Sanrio.

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