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Best Parks in Tokyo

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This enchanting garden, first created in 1629, is a delightful place to visit at any time of the year. Koraku means to 'enjoy afterwards' and the garden was designed as a place of peaceful, quiet contemplation. It's only a quarter of the size it initially was but the paths, sloping hills and the beguiling pond at its center ensure that it is as charming and beautiful as it ever was. Year round, the garden displays an array of colors, from green, orange, red to pink; the trees, meadows and flowers are all painted in various colors of nature. The city appointed it as a special place of beauty; go and enjoy it for yourself.

Opened in 1873 at the top of Ueno Hill, Tokyo's first public park houses several world-class museums, a popular zoo, shrines, temples, a rental boat lake, historical monuments, hundreds of cherry blossom trees, and a lotus pond. Ueno Park, being Tokyo's largest, has so much to offer that a day would not be enough. Whether you come here alone to spend some time in solitude or bring along your family to spend quality time with them, you won’t be disappointed with the umpteen offerings of this gorgeous park.

The Shinjuku Gyo-en blends Western and Eastern influences in its layout with English, French and conventional Japanese gardens. It also features quaint tea ceremony houses and a greenhouse with a considerable collection of tropical plants. It is most famous for its cherry blossom trees, which in early spring paint the whole place with different hues of fluttering pink. It is an ideal place to get some fresh air, relax amidst nature and lift your spirits.

This naturally wooded park adjoins the Meiji Jingu Shrine, and until 1996, it hosted Tokyo's amateur rock and roll bands, who strutted their stuff every Sunday. They have since moved to Omotesando, and Yoyogi Park has become quiet, and ideal for groups of friends and families who like to enjoy a tranquil Sunday afternoon strolling by small ponds filled with koi (Japanese carp). Rental bicycles are available within the grounds during summer.

Rikugien is another of Tokyo's most beloved gardens - it has inspired poetry for nearly four centuries and, indeed, contains poetry within its grounds; 88 landscapes from traditional waka poetry have been lovingly recreated here, within the huge 24-acre area. It is laid out in traditional kaiyu style (from the Edo period), with paths winding around a central pond, and small hills built in as features. It's a magical place to sit on a bench and look at the burnished copper of the maple leaves, or relax under the shade of one of the evergreens. It is also home to one of the most famous iconic trees in Japan, the Cherry Blossom, which is one of the first things that comes to mind when one thinks of Japan. Also housing a cafe within, you can enjoy some matcha tea and biscuits while you admire the tranquil pond and the trees in vicinity.

Looking for a nice day at the park? This is the place to visit! A unique range of activities from Frisbee golf, miniature golf, bike riding, paddleboats, and even several giant dome shaped trampolines for kids are available. Equipment for every activity is also available here. It is extremely popular during floral seasons where visitors can witness thousands of beautiful cherry blossoms. Just be sure to arrive early as the park closes in the late afternoon/early evening.

Just a 15-minute walk from the trendy and youthful town of Kichijoji, this park has enough to keep you interested for a full day. There is a large pond where you can paddle rental boats, a zoo where you can pet some of the caged animals, playground facilities for baseball or Frisbee games with family and friends, and enough space and greenery for an ideal picnic. On weekends the place even comes alive with street musicians and artists. Inokashira Park is also one of the prime locations for viewing the cherry blossoms in late March/early April.

Last century, this was the parade ground for the Japanese Army, and now the nations first western style park has become an oasis for tired workers who on sunny days gather at lunchtime and have a few minutes repose from office-related stress. On weekends, the place is popular among courting couples. Close to the Imperial Palace and a short walk from Ginza, the Park also has a library, public tennis courts, restaurants, a flower shop and an open-air arena where concerts are often held.

The fountains in this park were created to commemorate the marriage of the current emperor of Japan. This place is a precious green park for people in the city of Tokyo. It is a good place to take your family. After taking a walk in the park, you can have lunch at a restaurant nearby. At night, the fountains in this park are lit up, so you can enjoy a majestic water show right before your very eyes.

If you wish to see a beautiful view of Tokyo, this is one of the best places! There is an artificial sandy beach, and you can see the sunset and a night view of Tokyo over the sea. In the spring, you can see cherry blossoms along the streets in this park. In the summer, you can see the Odaiba fireworks events. You can enjoy this place in any season!

Rinshi-no Mori Park is rich with nature, featuring many large trees. There are several attractions available at the park which children can enjoy, with day camping facilities for them. In the summer, Jyabu-jyabu pond is open. Here, children can enjoy some small water attractions like swimming and rowing games. Free events are held about twice a month, so you can enjoy looking at trees and taking part in workshops with your friends and family.

Shakujii Park is a hidden, serene park. You can feel the beauty of nature in this quiet place in Tokyo. Located inside this park is Sanpoji pond. Around there, many green aquatic plants can be admired. In addition, this park is also a good bird-watching place. Other than the natural elements, the park also has several Shinto shrines, giving tourists a glimpse of the region's history as well.

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