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Best Museums in Varanasi

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Established in 1920, this museum of Banaras Hindu University has a vast collection of artifacts portraying the cultural and artistic heritage of the region. Patronized by renowned poet Rabindranath Tagore, and art historian Rai Krishnadasa, the museum boasts an authoritative collection of decorative art, textiles and archeological materials. The collection is organized through specific galleries such as Mahamana Malviya Gallery, Nicholas Roerich Gallery, Chavi (Painting Gallery), Nidhi Gallery and the likes. The painting collection at Bharat Kala Bhavan richly portray the captivating expression of Indian fine art.

Perched on the terrace of the magnificent Man Mahal Palace, Jantar Mantar is Varanasi's prime observatory, designed to the likes of the ones found in New Delhi and Jaipur. Constructed by Maharaja Jai Singh in they year 1737, the science museum showcases various milestones of India achieved in the field of astrology and science. Apart from serving its main purpose of helping determine stars and planet positions, it also helps to measure altitude, local standard time and the sun position.

With a vast collection of vintage cars, palanquins, weapons and other artifacts, the museum inside Ramnagar Fort takes you through a ride back to the glorious rule of Varanasi Kings. The museum effortlessly creates the atmosphere of royal living in tune with the general vibe felt at this nostalgic city. Like the surreal sunset that is visible from the Fort balcony, the museum creates a sense of well being and good taste through the numerous collectibles and art works. The dark corridors and the preserved courtroom tell stories of a rich past. The highlight of the Ramnagar Museum is an astrological clock which displays the phases of moon along with the correct time and date. Do not miss this awe-inspiring destination which is just ten minutes away from Assi Ghat. Also visit the few historic temples around the area like the Vyasa Temple and the Durga Temple. Admission price different for foreign nationals.

Established in 1910, the museum building itself partly follows the construction plan of a monastery. The wide collection inside dates back from 3rd Century BCE to 12th Century CE. Lion Capital of Ashoka, which is exhibited at the center of the main hall 'Shakyasimha gallery', is the celebrated attraction of Archeological Museum Sarnath. Also on display is a large number of Buddha statues in various postures. Many historic landmarks detailing the evolution of Buddha philosophy can be observed at this authoritative collection which is a treasure-trove for researchers and scholars.

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