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While we do our best to ensure the accuracy of our listings, some venues may be currently temporarily closed without notice. Please confirm status on the venue website before making any plans.

Best for Kids in Verona

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Gardaland is the best and largest theme park in Italy. There are many rides which have contributed to its success including: a journey amongst the pharaohs in "Valley of Kings" and a trip round a pirate village in "The Buccaneers" You can also visit the "Village of the Elves" and venture through the uncultivated jungle. However, the best rides are aimed at the bravest visitors: start with a terrifying free-fall from a height of 40 meters in "Space Vertigo", then wander through a Russian mountain range in "Blue Tornado" and finally explore some more traditional mountains in 'Magic Mountain'. There are hundreds of other attractions as well as live shows. The park which has been carefully put together, right down to the finishing touches, is also houses a number of restaurants and gift shops. Note that hours vary according to the season.

Guglielmo Marconi invented the radio, and the Museo Della Radio d'Epoca has made sure that his legend lives on through this museum which traces the evolution of the radio over the ages. A systematic classification of radio sets over the decades lets you actually see how this fascinating instrument evolved in terms of knobs, buttons and antennae. Check website for details.

The Giardino Giusti contains all the features of a typical Renaissance garden: geometrical layout of flowerbeds and hedgerows, fountains, grottos, mask, mythological statues, avenues of cypresses and a maze. Mozart, Goethe, kings and emperors have all visited this garden, which, for four centuries has been one of the most beautiful and well-visited in the whole of the Veneto. The garden, designed by Agostino Giusti as a setting for the villa which bears his name, is made up of three sections: a lawn, a wooded hill with a ravine and cliff and landscaped terraces with a belvedere.

Take a break from your urban lifestyle and head to Malga Vazzo for an experience of living in the countryside. A family-run farm, here visitors can try their hand at a number of farm activities and learn the art of cultivating. Specialized at dairy and meat production, here one can also learn how to breed the perfect milch animal, while maintaining and the highest possible health standards. Several workshops and excursions are also organised wherein visitors are not just thought the basics of farming, but also given an exciting tour of the farm. The site also boasts a cafe, where one can feast on impeccable traditional dishes made entirely from fresh ingredients grown on site.

The civic natural history museum is in the 16th century Palazzo Pompei, a masterpiece by Sanmicheli. The building was given to the town in 1854 by Count Alessandro Pompei for it to become an exhibition site for scientific and ethnographic collections, and for renaissance artifacts and art collections. While there was a time when the natural collections were few in comparison to the rest, the collection grew quickly with the passage of time. There were problems of space and it was only in 1936 that the art collections were moved to other buildings. Palazzo Pompei became an exhibition space exclusively for natural science. At present, there are 19 rooms in which you can see more than 2,000,000 examples of the world's animals, plants, geology, paleontology and prehistory. The fossilized fish from Bolca are a major attraction. They are contained in a weir which is 45,000,000 years old.

For a day filled with entertainment and excitement, head down to Il Villaggio di Natale Flover. A-one-of-a-kind attraction in the city of Verona, Il Villaggio di Natale Flover keeps the spirit of Christmas alive throughout the year. Peppered with medieval-style structures, this little venue oozes with the excitement and cheer of the season of advent. Comprising a cafe, park, playground, art center, an event venue and several stores, there is much to be indulged in and enjoyed at this fabulous venue. Numerous plays, musicals and story-telling events are also staged here.

Caneva Aquapark is probably one of the most adventurous Italian water parks in the state. Amongst its many advantages is also that of being less well known, and therefore less crowded than other parks. The evocative setting of a 19th-century Caribbean village is a perfect surrounding for a water park with thousands of attractions, where trees and decorative structures are so dense as almost to block the view of the slides until you are very close. Some of these slides are only to be found here, not in the rest of Italy: the double 'Black Hole' that runs completely underground, which you travel through on a rubber tire, and the frightening 'Stukas', high and steep enough to frighten anyone. There are also more well known attractions like the 'Anaconda' or the brilliant 'Water Jump'.

This theater in the city center is run by the Fillippini's. All the shows that are put on are aimed at children: fairy stories, short plays, puppet shows and dances. The shows are on in the mornings, so that school groups can attend, but there are also shows on Sunday afternoons so that "grown-up children" can enjoy them too!

If you are a crazy fan of movies, then the Movieland Park at Canevaworld is an ideal destination for your next vacation. This grandiose theme park features real movie studios where you can relive your favorite movie, enjoy a day amidst its sets, dance and have fun. Set out on an adventure by reliving the scenes of 'Police Academy', 'Rambo' and Tomb Raider', get into a chase mode in 'Magma 2' and 'Route 66', or enjoy the thrills of 'Horror House' and 'Scary House'. Open times for a few days may vary, please visit the website for complete schedule.

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