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Top Rated Attractions in Yokohama

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Guardian of Water

The Guardian of Water statue is a replica of the original in San Diego, given to the city of Yokohama in 1960 as a gift from the San Diego-Yokohama Friendship Commission. It was created by the artist Donal Hord, and shows a pioneer woman carrying a water jug up on one shoulder. The statue is at the center of a fountain and is surrounded by gardens in Yamashita Park on Yokohama's waterfront. -AH

British Commonwealth War Graves

This is a cemetery in a beautiful suburban Yokohama site, which has more than 2,000 graves of British Commonwealth citizens. The area covers more than 73,000 square meters. Land for the British Commonwealth cemetery was appropriated in 1946 for the military graves at Hodogaya. The distinguishing feature is the rows and rows of predominantly plain white wooden crosses.

Cosmo Clock 21 Ferris Wheel

Enjoy spectacular aerial sights of the city as you go round the Cosmo Clock 21 Ferris Wheel. One of the cities’ most prominent landmarks and tourist attractions, the ferris wheel reaches upto a height of 112.5 meters (369.09 feet) and has a wheel diameter of 100 meters (328.08 feet). Rides last for 15 minutes and the 60 units in the ferris wheel can accommodate a total of 480 people. Besides offering a scenic ride to patrons, the ferris wheel also holds one of the world’s largest clock function at its center. If you want to enjoy some phenomenal birds’ eye view of the city of Yokohama, then certainly grab a seat on the gigantic Cosmo Clock 21 Ferris Wheel.

A Little Girl with Red Shoes On

This bronze statue of a little girl wearing red shoes was created by Masamichi Yamamoto in 1979. It represents the child in a song called "Akai Kutsu" (Red Shoes) by Ujo Noguchi, a Japanese poet, which was based on the true story of a Japanese girl adopted by an American couple who were due to take her to America with them. However, at the last moment she was diagnosed with tuberculosis. Fearing she would not withstand the journey, she was left in a church orphanage where she died in 1911. The figure sits gazing out to sea, presumably musing over the journey and future she missed out on. -AH

The Statue of the Mother & Child of the Sun (A Monument to Ice Cream)

The Statue of a Mother and Child of the Sun was designed by the sculptor, Shin Hongo and built in 1976 by the Kanagawa Chapter of the Japan Ice Cream Association. It is positioned opposite the real location of the first ice cream shop in Japan, started by Fusazo Machida who was a member of the first delegation to visit the United States of America. He was so impressed when he tasted ice cream that on his return he opened a shop called Hyousuiten (shop for iced water). For the first ten years of business, Machida had to bring natural ice from Hokkaido for his handmade ice cream process. -AH

The Grave of Minamoto Yoritomo

Minamoto no Yoritomo was the first shogun of the Kamakura shogunate, and as such holds an important place in Kamakura's history. He raised an army against the Taira Clan, which had slain his father. The monument that marks his grave was built in the Edo period, at least 400 years after his death, so it unknown whether his remains are included in the Buddhist stone stupa and fenced area of sacred soil. When Yoritomo died in 1199 he was buried in his own temple, Hokkedo, which was later destroyed, moved and rebuilt. Traces of it remain on the hillside. -AH

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